September 21, 2018

A Contrarian Manifesto for the Church Growth Debate

I have been in a lot of debates about the current worship and church revolution known as the seeker-sensitive, Purpose-Driven church. I’ve stated my case, taken on the other side, and come back to argue the same issues again and again. Today, I felt as exhausted with this discussion as a person could feel. So […]

Greatness and The Passing of Uncles

My uncles are almost gone. Uncle Charlie’s cancer has returned. My Uncle Joe is nearly blind. My dad’s last brother no longer knows anyone, and you’d never know he was once the seemingly indestructible pastor of my youth. Slowly, they are growing older. Too rapidly, they are going away.

Subcultural Spirituality or “I know he’s a Christian because I saw it on his bumper sticker.”

One of the axioms of my critique of evangelicalism is this: methodology creates theology. By this I mean that when evangelicals have adopted particular methods, such as the evangelistic sales pitch or the powerpoint designed sermon, they will soon develop an accompanying theology, generally morphed in the direction of justifying and spiritualizing what they are […]

The Drug War Out My Window

One day last week, the government helicopters flew so low over our little village in eastern Kentucky, they shook the house. For most of half an hour, they buzzed around the three creeks that come together into a river right below us. They are looking for drugs, as they do every summer. This is part […]

Vote Utopian!: The Christian in a Quandry

Imagine Jesus lived in a republic, and could vote. There are several candidates running for Governor of Galilee. The two candidates with the most support are Publius, who wants slavery to continue and expand, and Adrian, who wants many forms of slavery to be done away with, though not all. There are other candidates, like […]

I wish I’d said that

This Real Live Preacher piece on the Bible is really wonderful, and I don’t have to agree with every word to say that. I’m sure there are recovering fundamentalists all over the place who could benefit from those thoughts. I can imagine the incident that must have prompted this sad and gentle rant, and the […]

None dare Call It Marketing: Lifeway, Beth Moore and the conspiracy to take over your church

Let’s get one thing straight at the outset: I don’t have a problem with Beth Moore, so don’t write me and give me grief like I do. Everything I’ve read, everything I’ve heard seems excellent, Christ-centered, full of the Gospel and Biblical. Compared to any other celebrity Bible teacher I might see or hear, Beth […]

CT and me on Eldredge

CT has a large article on John Eldredge. I understand where the guys who give me “I hate theology” syndrome get annoyed at Eldredge, but I have to admit a lack of excitement myself, even though much of what he says has a Piperesque quality to it. Dan Allender, one of Eldredge’s mentors during his […]

Out of the Mouths of 16-year Old Babes: The Terrible Truth About Kids and Parents

The youth ministry professional has something to say, and parents need to read it. First, let’s hear about a new book you need to add to the Amazon wish list. This book has a lot to teach us. But not just about our kids. Seems that Doris Fuller, a journalist, her 19 year old college […]

The SBC and the BWA: A case of abandoning ship too soon?

To hear the Southern Baptist Convention leadership tell it, the Baptist World Alliance had become intolerable. Taking nearly a million dollars a year from those dear Baptists who really wanted to support Lottie Moon and spending it on an America bashing, liberal seminary supporting, money wasting public relations outfit that no self-respecting SBC fundamentalist would […]