October 18, 2018

Which Way? Religious Conservatism at the Crossroads

Last week’s Supreme Court ruling [Obergefell v. Hodges] which found a constitutional right to same-sex marriage surprised few observers. Whether or not such a right can legitimately be derived from the Constitution, it seems impossible that the court would have voted the way it did had this case been brought before it 20 years ago. […]

Forgiveness: Should it be the first word?

Historically, black churches have nurtured the politics of forgiveness so that black people can anticipate divine justice and liberation in the next life. This sentiment shaped non-violent protest during the civil rights movement. A belief that displays of morality rooted in forgiveness would force white America to leave behind its racist assumptions. But Christian or […]

Forget “engaging the culture”

Yesterday I read an article called, 3 Ways Christians Will Address Cultural Issues in the Coming Years, by Ed Stetzer. Stetzer is one of those people who sits above the vault of the earth and keeps his eyes on the big picture, on trends. He’s a culture-watcher, a pundit. And few voices are stronger in our […]

Conversation Enders

This has certainly been the week where we have talked about words. We have discussed etiquette when commenting here. We have discussed Christians use of militaristic words. We have talked about Christian arguments. We have looked at the need to be careful when you speak. To be honest with you, I have not been that […]

My New Year’s Resolution – Work Life Balance (and a little more time resting in God)

I have have spent the last couple of days reflecting on work life balance. Or rather, my lack thereof. My apologies to those who have offered to help with Michael Spencer’s commentary on Mark. I keep meaning to get back to you, but this issue of work life balance is one of the things that […]

A Brief Lesson for Speakers

150 years ago this week, Abraham Lincoln gave “dedicatory remarks” at Gettysburg, Pennysylvania to consecrate the Soldiers’ National Cemetery, four months after the Battle of Gettysburg. Considered perhaps the most important speech in U.S. history, the president’s remarks contained — 272 words, 10 sentences, and lasted less than 3 minutes. Earlier, Edward Everett had offered […]

Trashing a Treasure

On the nature, worth, provenance, and cessation of New Testament tongues, much is obscure and must remain so. Various interpretations on key points are viable, and perhaps the worst error in handling the relevant passages is to claim or insinuate that perfect clarity or certainty marks one’s own view. The texts (Acts 2:4-11; 10:46; 11:17; […]

Randy Thompson on Halloween

Note from CM: I received this email from our faithful reader Randy Thompson and thought it was worth passing along to you. Tokah said it best in the comments today: arguments over Halloween are silly. * * * I suspect you’re sick to death of crackpot articles on Halloween, but I couldn’t resist passing this […]

Riding the Right Wave?

Richard Land, who for 25 years served the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, became president of Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES) in Charlotte, N.C. in July. In a recent article, Land notes that apologetics has been the special focus of the school, and he believes a renewed emphasis upon that discipline in the future […]

Reconsider Jesus – Moving Forward

When many of the Dead Sea Scrolls faced delay in publication, conspiracy theories started to abound:  What was it in the scrolls that the Vatican wanted to keep secret?  Were they harmful to the church?  Did they dispute the claims of Christianity?  In fact the truth is a little more boring than that. The original […]