September 18, 2018

If It Looks Like an Evangelical Skunk…

If It Looks Like an Evangelical Skunk… (Or Why You Can Leave Me Behind Too) by Michael Spencer I think Jan Crouch’s hair is the darnest thing since the Tower of Babel. I think Benny Hinn is sincere, but probably unstable. I think T.D. Jakes is preaching gnosticism. TBN in general convinces me television is […]

Why I’m not a preacher, and why that’s a good thing

Why I’m not a Preacher, and why that’s a good thing We don’t need more preachers. We need better ones. by Bill MacKinnon If you, gentle reader, have gotten past the title and are actually reading this article, you may be wondering why anyone would write an article on why they are not something, rather […]

Universalism, Lynchburg Style

Universalism, Lynchburg Style A Falwellian Theologian’s valiant struggle to not fall over the cliff by Michael Spencer Christ died for the sins of everyone. Right? Seems simple enough. When I was journeying towards Calvinism, I’ll admit the biggest bump in the road came when I discovered what that “L” in the TULIP was all about. […]

Education and The Painful Failure of Circular Reasoning

Education and The Painful Failure of Circular Reasoning by Michael Spencer That feeling you have of going in an endless and meaningless circle? It’s the pain of circular logic. The fact is your mechanic IS the problem with your car. Whatever is keeping the thing from running, your mechanic is now invested in not seeing […]

Stalking the DVD Antichrist

Stalking The DVD Antichrist It’s the end of worship as we know it…and we feel fine. by Michael Spencer I spotted the Antichrist today. He looked back at me from an ad in a flyer from a major Christian retailer, which shall go unnamed, though I don’t know why I care about the name. I […]

Defending the dufus President

Defending The Dufus President by Michael Spencer I have never written about my own journey from liberalism to conservatism, and I won’t be doing so anytime soon. When I was an enthusiastic liberal- I once journeyed hours to cheer at a Dukakis rally- I began to notice certain traits of liberals that bothered me. Chief […]

Are we wrong about marijuana?

Are We Wrong About Marijuana? by Michael Spencer Drugs have cost me a lot of friends: my students. Like every school in America, the school where I work prohibits the use of drugs by students (and staff.) Three years ago we incorporated random drug testing as part of school life. Both before and after that […]

I have my doubts

I Have My Doubts The many reasons I don’t believe. by Michael Spencer Immediately the father of the child cried out and said, “I believe; help my unbelief!” • Mark 9:24 Let’s start with bugs. Bugs have always….well…bugged me. They bite me. Wasps hate me. Mosquitoes swarm around me. Gnats head for my ears and […]

Somewhere in the basement of the DNC…

Somewhere in the Basement of the DNC… by Michael Spencer Memo to: The Committee of Twelve From: Darwin Mapplethorp Kennedy IV, Campaign Development Director, 2004 Democratic Presidential Campaign RE: Prospects for taking the Presidency in 2004 As all of you are aware by now, plans for the 2004 Presidential campaign are already being implemented. As […]

What we’re digging for

What We’re Digging For by Steve Mcfarland “Heigh Ho! Heigh Ho! It’s off to work we go!” It seems almost another life ago when I recall my first real job out of high school. Before I started college, I worked as a machinist in a local factory for a couple of years. I was miserable. […]