January 16, 2018

Tell me you didn’t see this coming

Few things in life are as utterly predictable as the evangelical circus, as some pieces I read this week show. The phoenix rises Everybody’s favorite preacher boy and ringmaster is back. According to the seattlepi blog: Former Mars Hill Church senior pastor Mark Driscoll has filed incorporation papers in Phoenix for a new entity called […]

Circus Notes from C.P.

One of my favorite places on the web to find (unintentional) humor is The Christian Post. It is the quintessential source for “news” emerging from the evangelical circus. Here are a few of the headlines and stories they have run recently that have made me laugh, scratch my head, and/or say “What?!”: My favorite headline: […]

Holy Week Hijinks…and Worse

Why is it that Holy Week seems to bring out the worst in American church culture? Ministries and church leaders that call anathemas down on venerable traditions that have stood the test of time and kept the faith alive throughout Church history have no problem adopting the cheesiest and most insubstantial gimmicks to get people […]

They’re Not All Clowns

Update: Thanks to all who pointed out that Michael Spencer, the original Internet Monk, came up with the phrase “evangelical circus.” Credit duly noted. I don’t know who first came up with the phrase “evangelical circus” here at the iMonastery. It was either Chaplain Mike or myself, but we both use it frequently to describe […]

Stories of Circus Acts Past

I am making an effort to read more Christian history this year. Right now I am working through Diarmaid MacCulloch’s impressive Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years. On Friday, I will post the first in a series of articles on “God’s Marvelous, Massive, Messy House,” working our way through the long and complex story of […]