October 16, 2018

Blessing the Animals

Note from CM: Last Sunday, I pulled into the parking lot at the church I was attending and noted that they were having an outdoor service. Getting out of my car, I saw folks walking their dogs and carrying other pets toward the chairs. “Ah,” I thought as I smiled, “they’re blessing the animals this […]

iMonk Classic: Singing in the Evangelical Liturgy

Classic iMonk Post by Michael Spencer From Sept. 2009 Note from CM: Back in 2009, Michael Spencer did a series on various elements in a traditional Protestant worship service, discussing how we might understand those elements and use them to revitalize traditional evangelical worship. Today’s post is from that series. * * * Singing. Oh yes….singing. […]

My Favorite “Jesus Music” Group

Larry Norman, Love Song, Paul Clark, Lamb, Honeytree, John Fischer, Second Chapter of Acts, Phil Keaggy, Maranatha! — these and other names may or may not be familiar to you. They were some of the pioneers in “Jesus Music,” later called “CCM” (contemporary Christian music), that blossomed during the early 1970’s and prepared the way for […]

Another Look at a Favorite Hymn

Ever since I was a child, one of my favorite hymns has been, “This Is My Father’s World“, by Rev. Maltbie D. Babcock. I’m sure what first caught my attention was its lovely melody, which is said to have been adapted from an English folk tune by Franklin L. Sheppard. This hymn (or poem as […]

Church Music Month on Internet Monk

October will be “Church Music Month” on Internet Monk. Throughout the month we will feature posts about the ministry of music, with particular emphasis on its role in worship in the local congregation. Articles that express various perspectives about church music. Interviews with people who are working in congregations in the ministry of worship and […]