September 18, 2018

Congregational Singing as Liturgical Renewal: Wesley’s Revival of the Lord’s Supper

We are looking this month at the topic of church music. Colleen Reiss Vermeulen lives in South Bend, Indiana where she joyfully sings many Wesleyan hymns at St. Matthew Co-Cathedral Parish, and is working on two (Two? Yes, two.) Masters degrees at the University of Notre Dame, but took time from her busy schedule to share this […]

IM Interview: Eric Wyse (part 2)

Today, we continue with part 2 of our interview with Eric Wyse about church music and his vocation within this realm. * * * CM: What are some of the other music projects that you have participated in that have helped you grow as a Christian and a musician and that have given you some […]

IM Interview: Eric Wyse (part 1)

My wife Gail and I began dating when we were in Bible college, participating together in choir and music ensembles. As I got to know her better and was introduced to her family, I discovered that they all had a deep love of church music that went beyond their immediate family and stretched back to […]

Church Music Funnies

  “Mixing Up the Church Music Warriors” Tim Liston, The Best Cartoons from Leadership Journal, Volume 3 Used by permission

iMonk Classic: Learning from the Psalms

Classic iMonk Post by Michael Spencer Undated Note from CM: This is an excerpt from one of Michael Spencer’s essays called, “Learning from the Psalms,” in which he attempts to show how Scripture can guide us in worship and in our use of music. * * * So I would like to present the possibility […]

The Incomparable Ken Medema

In 1974, my youth pastor invited an amazingly gifted pianist and singer to visit our youth group and perform at our church. His name was Ken Medema. Despite blindness, he had remarkable talent as an instrumentalist, vocalist, and creative songwriter. His enthusiasm was infectious, his humor hilarious, the depth of feeling by which he communicated […]

A Brief Lutheran Statement on the Arts

Here is another statement on the use of music (and other arts) in worship, this from the Evangelical Lutheran Church. We present this as yet another example of how churches and Christian traditions are thinking about these matters. This brief summary is taken from the ELCA publication, The Use of the Means of Grace. You […]

The State Of Christian Radio

I began working in radio the same year I became a follower of Jesus, 1973. I worked in educational radio, Christian radio, general market radio. I taught broadcast management for 15 years. I worked at the first FM commercial station to play all contemporary Christian music in the nation. We were the pioneers in many […]

C.S. Lewis — The Conservative Worshiper

One of the clearest statements of what might be termed the “conservative” position on the practice of worship was made by C.S. Lewis in Letters to Malcolm: Chiefly on Prayer. I wonder how you respond to it. “It looks as if they [innovative clergy] believed people can be lured to go to church by incessant […]

Ralph Martin on an Early Christian Hymn

One of the fundamental texts on worship for college and seminary students when I was in school was Ralph P. Martin’s Worship in the Early Church. I thought I’d go back to it and pull out an excerpt for our Church Music Month. So here, from his chapter on “Hymns and Spiritual Songs” is a […]