July 16, 2018

Blessing the Animals

Note from CM: Last Sunday, I pulled into the parking lot at the church I was attending and noted that they were having an outdoor service. Getting out of my car, I saw folks walking their dogs and carrying other pets toward the chairs. “Ah,” I thought as I smiled, “they’re blessing the animals this […]

Luther on Holy Days

I am reading lots o’ Luther these days for my seminary class, so I will probably inflict a fair amount of it on you, our dear Internet Monk readers. Today, I am reflecting on one of Luther’s later works, On the Councils and the Church, in which the Reformer writes about the role of church […]

Back to School “Time”?

One of my friends, a school administrator, says it’s an adult decision, and that there is no empirical evidence that it actually helps students. What’s that? Going back to school earlier and getting on a “balanced” schedule (some call it “year-round” school). That’s what the school systems are going to where I live. It means […]

Before We Can Become Gods We Must Be Men

Monday Merton Musings, December 5, 2011 Before We Can Become Gods We Must Be Men Thomas Merton contended that human beings have lost a great deal in modern, technological society. What we have gained in efficiency and productivity has, in many ways, sucked the humanity and spirituality from our inner beings. In this meditation from […]

Resources for the Season

This afternoon I thought I would pass along some links that might be of help to you or to someone you care about during this Advent and Christmas season. I am not going to suggest every possible resource out there, just a few good quality sites. Some provide daily readings, prayers, and other personal devotional […]

Why Some Don’t Observe the Christian Year

As regular readers of Internet Monk know, I am an enthusiastic proponent of following the Christian Year as a way of keeping our churches Jesus and Gospel-centered and as a salutary program for enabling individual Christians and congregations to become spiritually formed by the story of Christ. I am fully aware not everyone agrees. So […]

Finding Ourselves in Jesus

Finding Ourselves in Jesus Why We Observe the Christian Year • • • During this Advent season, I will be using Walter Wangerin Jr.’s book, Preparing for Jesus, for daily readings to prepare my heart for the celebration of Jesus’ birth. As I was looking at it the other day, I was taken immediately by […]

The Cruelest Month

Yesterday, the wind blew strong from the west, colder and more piercing as the day went by. The sky was a wild migration of stampeding clouds, many dark as slate and angry. Leaves blew everywhere. Color is thinning and soon the treetops will be as bare as an old man’s pate. All will be brown, […]

Let the Saints Teach Us to Be Children

Today is the day many Christian traditions celebrate All Saints’ Day (some celebrated earlier last week). On the first page of our church bulletin this morning were these words: “All Saints celebrates the baptized people of God, living and dead, who are the body of Christ. As November heralds the dying of the landscape in […]

Hanging On…

For awhile now, I have been feeling the need for a break of some kind. As I’ve written about some of the demanding situations involved in working on a hospice team, many of you have been kind enough to encourage me to remember to practice self-care, and you are right. The schedule of emotionally intense […]