March 25, 2018

To be lifted up carefully and carried out of confinement

✑ When I woke up this morning, before I’d gotten out of bed, I was looking around to see what was going on in my room. Not much was going on, I’m happy to say. But there was a cricket on the glazed stone floor. He didn’t belong in the room. Crickets don’t belong in […]

Sunday Morning Meditation: Think On These Things

In Chaplain Mike’s absence, I’m going to share some words from others to give us something to think on as we prepare for our worship services on Sunday mornings. Today we’ll hear from Frederich Buechner. If the world is sane, then Jesus is mad as a hatter and the Last Supper is the Mad Tea […]

Let Them Preach Grace

A Moment with Frederick Buechner “Preaching Grace” How much preaching we hear from the lips of men and women who give us no way of knowing that they were themselves once upon a time passionately moved by the gospel, which they proclaim now with so little apparent passion. Let them preach about the moments of […]

Where Our Best Dreams Come From

A Moment with Frederick Buechner “Where Our Best Dreams Come From” Somebody appears on your front stoop speaking your name, say, and you go down to open the door to see what’s up. Sometimes while it’s still raining, the sun comes out from behind the clouds, and suddenly, arching against the gray sky, there is […]

The Church as Noah’s Ark

A Moment with Frederick Buechner “The Church as Noah’s Ark” NAVE The nave is the central part of the church from the main front to the chancel. It’s the part where the laity sit and in great Gothic churches is sometimes separated from the choir and clergy by a screen. It takes its name from […]

Kindness Is Next to Holiness

A Moment with Frederick Buechner “Kindness is next to holiness” Children that we are, even you and I, who have given up so little, know in our hearts not only that it is more blessed to give than to receive, but it is also more fun. The kind of holy fun that wells up like […]