September 19, 2018

Urgent Prayer Request

UPDATE: 10:00pm, 7/30, from Dee at Wartburg Watch:

I was told by the ICU nurse that Eagle has been transferred to another floor. She would not give me further information but said he would not be be able to receive phone calls for the next hour or so.  I will probably not update this until the AM. Thanks, Dee.

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UPDATE: Eagle will have a CT scan. Surgery is a possibility depending on what they find.

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UPDATE: 2:15pm, 7/30, from Dee at Wartburg Watch.

I got to speak with Eagle. He still has a fever at 102 and a low blood pressure along with a rapid heart rate. His leg is badly infected. He could not sleep last night because of the activity in the ICU. They are still awating the blood cultures.

The doctor hopes to transfer him to a floor tomorrow but it is up in the air. He would love visits once out of the ICU and gave me permission to give those who want to visit his real name and location.

I told him of the numbers of comments and well wishes and he was mega-grateful. He will view them after he is more stable and not feeling so sick. Keep praying. I am humbled by the love ALL of you have shownNote from CM: Me too.

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UPDATE at 10:00am, 7/30 at Wartburg Watch.

Some people have been having trouble with the email link in the post below. This is a “mailto:” link and you may need to allow pop-ups in order for it to work. You can also click the “Write to Chaplain Mike” link in the upper right hand corner of the site to send emails for Eagle to me.

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UPDATE at 10:30pm at Wartburg Watch.

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I saw this on Wartburg Watch today and called Dee immediately to find out more.

It seems our friend and regular commenter, Eagle, is in the midst of a serious health emergency and is hospitalized near his home. I don’t know enough to share details (and that would not be appropriate without his permission anyway), but he is in the Intensive Care Unit and the medical staff is trying to understand his condition and provide the best treatment.

He also has no family near him at this time.

I am monitoring the situation and staying in touch with my Wartburg Watch friends and hope to talk to Eagle soon if possible.

I will update you as I can, but I am asking you at this point to pray for him. If you would like to send messages of encouragement and support to him via email, you can send them to me at THIS ADDRESS.


  1. I dropped a line to you through your e-mail. I hope he recovers soon.

  2. petrushka1611 says:


  3. Joseph (the original) says:

    wow. will be praying with the rest of the iMonk community…

    blessings Eagle…

  4. Praying, Eagle!

  5. praying.

  6. As Eagle fights this infection may the Lord lay His healing hand to completely restore his body to health. May the doctors have wisdom on how to treat this and provide the right medications. May the comfort of the Holy Spirit surround him with love and peace – free him from fear and any anxiety! Get well quickly!

  7. wow that sucks. Praying for you, Eagle

  8. Anybody know a good Pentacostal healer in the area?

    Haha, I think he’d appreciate that.

    Does he have insurance and need donations?

  9. You’re in my prayers, Eagle. And no, you won’t have to send money for a “prayer cloth.” You get well, and for free.

  10. Best wishes and prayers for Eagle – we need him back on here as soon as possible.

  11. I can’t get the email to you to work….could you send it to me? Maybe I or Denise or another medical I-Monk can find out more medically and see if he seems to be getting the right care…PLUS massive prayers, as well

    • I had trouble getting too… I copied & pasted CM address on my yahoo account… Hope it worked!
      I too am on board to help with medical costs, keep us posted. I bet I am not alone in wanting to send him a get well card via snail mail, CM can you post or e mail me the hospitals address…

    • See the latest update.

  12. Josh T. says:


  13. I said a prayer.

    I hope you will keep us updated.

  14. “…a serious systemic infection which grew out of a cut on his leg.” Yikes! There is a lot of that of late. Lord have mercy. I’m praying for you, Eagle.

  15. I will be praying! Check out our blog for an amazing story of recovery – I think it will really give you encouragement that God can and will save Eagle!!

  16. Klasie Kraalogies says:

    Prayers and thoughts.

    But it is wonderful how much community is formed, and how we develop strong bonds, in a place like this. It is at times like these when hope is rekindled.

  17. Prayers for God’s healing and mercy for Eagle.

  18. CaseyRoh says:

    Eagle, prayers for a quick recovery. This place will miss your distinct voice while you are in the hospital! May the love of God through His (internet) people surround you during this time, and my God’s healing touch you through the gifts and talents of the medical professionals taking care of you.

  19. Prayers. Let us know if we can help with medical bills.

  20. Ah, Eagle, God bless you, man! May the Lord Jesus hold you close and strengthen you and continue healing you, body and soul.

    The problem with going to school at Earth University is all these dang tests. Be strong, be healed, be made whole and well. Holy Spirit wisdom and power to all concerned. Bless your heart!!!

  21. Keeping Eagle and his family in my prayers.

    Thanks for letting us know of his condition.

  22. Praying for Eagle. Thanks, CM, for passing this on to us.

  23. prayin’ for Eagle…

  24. Stephanie says:

    We will be praying for him!

  25. Ric Schopke says:

    Praying God’s healing and health, peace, comfort, strength, and wholeness for you, Eagle.

  26. That Other Jean says:

    Eagle, you have my prayers for wise doctors, effective antibiotics, and a speedy recovery. I hope you’re back here at iMonk soon.

  27. I am praying for complete healing for Eagle and will continue to do so.

  28. O Merciful Lord, visit and heal Thy sick servant, Eagle, now lying on the bed of sickness and sorely afflicted, as Thou, O Saviour, didst once raise Peter’s wife’s mother and the man sick of the palsy who was carried on his bed: for Thou alone hast borne the sickness and afflictions of our race, and with Thee nothing is impossible, for Thou art all-merciful.

    Get better soon, Eagle!

  29. cermak_rd says:

    I’m thinking and hoping for a quick recovery for eagle. This place needs his distinctive POV.

  30. Rick Ro. says:

    Dear gracious Father, I must admit I don’t understand prayer at all. If I had not seen this prayer request and not prayed for Eagle, would the outcome be any different? Why would this prayer request, one more prayer in a stream of prayers, make any difference in Eagle’s situation? Do I even want to believe that it is THIS prayer – my prayer – that would make a difference? Lord Jesus, you know this struggle I have with the understanding of the “why”. But even with my lack of understanding, I pray. I lift up Eagle to you, for you are the capable Healer. You are the one who can spit on mud and rub it on a blind man’s eyes and make him see. You can guide a doctor’s hand, give the medical people the wisdom and knowledge with which to help Eagle’s body fight this infection. If you know the numbers of hairs on Eagle’s head, certainly you know the extent to which the infection has progressed. You know what needs to happen within his body to combat what’s going on. You know the cells that need to active, you know that which needs to be destroyed. I lift Eagle’s situation up to you now, and ask that you show your power and glory through whatever it is that happens here. I love you. You are good. You are God. Amen.

  31. Praying for your healing and well being, Eagle! Blessings and peace to you and keep us posted as you can!

  32. Praying for a speedy recovery.

  33. Continued prayers!!! I can only imagine what this is doing to the heart of our Eagle – may you be lifted up with wings like eagles and sense the love that surrounds you brother!!!!

  34. Eagle, Hang in there. I and many others are praying for you. I’m praying for wisdom for the doctors and healing for your body and peace of mind/spirit, too.

  35. Prayers from Maine.

  36. Praying and believing God will orchestrate your complete recovery, Eagle. You are much missed here.

  37. My husband and I are long-time imonk readers, though we don’t have much time to comment anymore. We both find Eagle’s “voice” an intelligent and thought-provoking reflection of an honestly-seeking heart. He has been through so much already.
    Eagle, we pray that you’ll be back here soon, feeling better than ever.

  38. Out of the ICU is good, please God the lab results will be back soon and the doctors will get a handle on this.

  39. Ric Schopke says:

    Praying God’s healing and health, peace, comfort,, strength and wholeness for you, Eagle.