July 23, 2018

Reformation Day Rock

By Chaplain Mike

Thanks to a status update on Facebook by friend Bill Cwirla, Lutheran pastor extraordinaire and IM Liturgical Gangsta, I discovered a great YouTube channel called History for Music Lovers by historyteachers that does music videos to teach about historical events and people. I think they are really well done, and a fun way to brush up on what you should have learned in school.

For Reformation Day, here is the story of Luther as the Bangles might tell it, with clips from the Luther movie starring Joseph Fiennes

More fun than a barrel of monks.


  1. I don’t know if this is the place to post this…but recently on Rachel Dawes’ “Evolving in Monkey Town” blog she posted about how much she struggled with Martin Luther’s strong anti-semitism and how it wasn’t talked about in the church. Is that something you can explore as well? How do Christians accept theologicla teachings from someone who went as so far to say that Jews should be driven from town and not allowd to worship.

    • Steve Newell says:


      As a Lutheran, I reject those aspects of what Luther taught that ware wrong just I accept those aspect of his teachings that are correct. What he said about the Jewish is wrong BUT I won’t reject everything that he said and wrote because of this sin.

      If you look at the official document of the Lutheran Church (Book of Concord), you will find the Lutheran Church does not accept Luther’s view of Jews as being correct since they are not included.

      Do you reject the “Declaration of Independence” since the writer was a slave owner? How about the fact many of the signers of the US Constitution who owned slaves and all rejected woman’s right to vote?

      • Yes, the Lutheran churches have never accepted Luther’s harsh words concerning the Jews, or for that matter, his harsh words concerning the anabaptists, etc. Luther could be an ill-tempered man. We all have the old-Adam to contend with. We don’t have the background against which these comments were made. To call them “anti-Semitic” is to engage in an anachronism. People also call John’s Gospel and the Revelation “anti-Semitic” (recall John’s “synagogue of Satan” comment), but there is background to this as well in the Jewish hostility against Christians (yes, you heard it correctly) in the 1st century.

        How can we accept theological instruction from someone who held that Jews should be driven out of town and not allowed to worship? How can we accept doctrine from a man who once persecuted the Church and rounded up Christians to be tried and executed? Truth remains true no matter who speaks it. E still equals MC2 even if Einstein were a drunkard, a womanizer, and a bigot.

        Always remember that the Lutheran churches do not subscribe to the teachings of Luther but to the Lutheran Confessions.

  2. I’m so happy!

    My favorite one is probably ‘Renaissance Man’ to the tune of Blister in the Sun, or the one about Theodora to the tune of Norwegian Wood. I don’t like their take-down of the Crusades.

  3. Wow. It’s more than a song parody because the lesson is so thick with facts. I agree it’s well done. I posted links to 2 PBS specials on Luther a while back, but it’s takes the patience of Job to watch both hours. This is a lot more fun, and nearly as informed.

  4. well done, and lots of fun. I’m going to show this to my catechism kids this week. We’ve been over all this stuff – but this will be a great review …..

  5. No. Just…no. Big fan of Luther, but just don’t mess with “Manic Monday”. 🙁
    What’s on the “B” side; “Walk Like a Lutheran”?