July 22, 2018

Recommendation and Review: Faith and Culture Devotional by Kelly Monroe Kullberg and Lael Arrington

Yes, end of the year is book review time. I have several headed your way before December ends.

I generally do not review books that I don’t like. If I don’t like them, I won’t have much to say about them. If I like them, I’ll say so and tell you why.

My problem is what do I say when a book is really, really superlative? I don’t want to pile adjectives one on the other. I don’t want to sound like some teenager gushing over a band or like a geeky fanboy who just played a great video game.

Kelly Kullberg and Lael Arrington have presented me with this problem, because their Faith and Culture Devotional is simply delightful, insightful and exceptional. It’s must reading for any thoughtful Christian who wants to engage the world of ideas.

Like any devotional, there are daily readings. Like many devotionals, there are various contributors. Unlike any devotional you’ve ever encountered, these contributors are an all-star team of intellectual, cultural, theological, artistic and literary firepower in evangelicalism. Completely unlike any devotional you’ve ever seen or even thought of, each day is a 2-4 page substantial reading relating the faith to all of the major areas of cultural life, from literature to philosophy to painting.

You aren’t just reading “devotions,” but meaty, provocative, usable essays. This is a course in intellectual discipleship in 300 pages. Francis Schaefer, who makes an appearance, would have deeply approved. Kullberg is the founder of the Veritas Forums, and Arrington is developing a media presence to give these voices of intellectual substance a broader audience.

I could go through the writers, topics and highlights, but you can see all of that at Zondervan’s web site. Spend some time there, but this is a book to be acquired, savored and used. A rich resource.

Everything Kelly Kullberg has written and edited has impressed me deeply with a comprehensive vision of the Christian worldview and the desire for allowing the diverse voices that articulate that worldview to be heard. Now you can give, in one volume, more “discipleship of the mind” than many of us received in college and seminary combined.

My highest recommendation, and one I make with absolute certainty that you will be delighted.


  1. you just had to make our “to buy” book list longer, didn’t you? I’ve really fallen behind. I’ll put it next in line after the ESV Study Bible and the Treasury of Daily Prayer.

  2. I’m going to make the library get me this one.

  3. Hey, allow me to whine on behalf of the folks down here in Australia. Here are all these tempting book recommendations, but with the way the US dollar has gone compared to the Aussie dollar, well let’s just say have a look at the price and double it! Ouch!!