July 21, 2018

Mary Consoles Eve

Crayon & pencil drawing by Sr. Grace Remington, OCSO.
Copyright 2005, Sisters of the Mississippi Abbey

O Eve!

My mother, my daughter, life-giving Eve,

Do not be ashamed, do not grieve.

The former things have passed away,

Our God has brought us to a New Day.

See, I am with Child,

Through whom all will be reconciled.

O Eve! My sister, my friend,

We will rejoice together


Life without end.

— Sr. Columba Guare copyright© 2005 Sisters of the Mississippi Abbey

This has been posted around the web many places, so acknowledgements to Inside Catholic, where I found it.

One place where all Christians can unite in an affirmation about Mary is her status as “the Mother of God,” which is celebrated in the Roman calendar tomorrow. While Protestants won’t refer to Mary as “Queen,” they can join with other Christians in recognizing her place in the story of redemption: the human mother of the incarnate God.


  1. There’s actually a pretty cheesy 19th century poem called “Ireland’s Queen” where, on a far-flung battlefield, in the lull of fighting, several soldiers are discussing their queens and praising them; the Frenchman produces a picture of Marie Antoinette; the Scotsman one of Mary, Queen of Scots; the Englishman, one of Queen Victoria; and the Irishman, a picture of Our Lady

    Ireland was the only occupied country. Our population, clergy, language and heritage had gone through hundreds of years of theft, occupation and genocide by a foreign invading regime. The Protestants in there various disguises (Church of Ireland, Quakers, Presbyterians etc) were integral to this ethnic cleansing. Hardly surprising an Irishman would hold up an Image that would outlast all your worldly “Queens”. May Victoria continue to rot in Hell.