July 22, 2018

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #122

podcast_logo.gifNew Year. Review of the Becker Trilogy.

NOTE: Some may have downloaded a shortened version. Cut out at 16. You missed 4 minutes.

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Lawrence Feingold’s Lectures. I recommend those in sections 3 (esp on the four Marks of the church) and 1.

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  1. I’m cruising the site that is hosting Lawrence Feingold’s lectures. Very interesting stuff. I’ve mentioned before that I spent 15 years in a Messianic Jewish congregation. But as a child (up until 7th grade) my family attended Catholic and Episcopalian churches. Mom was Catholic, Dad was Episcopalian; which one we attended depended on where we lived at the time and which of the local priests were more Christ-centered rather than denomination-centered. As a child, I pretty much thought the only differences were that Episcopal priests could marry, kids could take Communion in Episcopal churches, and the Episcopalians used bad-tasting bread in while Catholics used the wafer (obviously not universally true, but what did I know? I was a little kid).

    At any rate, I hadn’t been aware of a Hebrew/Israelite movement within Catholicism. In fact, I’ve often wondered how one would hypothetically reconcile Catholic doctrine with the “irrevocable call” of being ethnically Jewish. ‘Cuz I live in a very hispanic town, I know a lot of Catholics. And ‘cuz of my brother’s conversion to traditional Judaism and my involvement with Messianic Judaism, I know a lot of Jews.

  2. Thank you for the link to Feingold. I listened to half of the first talk and I’m hooked. There is nothing like listening to someone from the Jewish tradition teach about God. In their tradition He is wholly “Other” and yet is familiar. Christians have the familiar part down, but the “Otherness” is generally absent. And to have such a Jewish scholar so immersed in the Christian revelation is a great gift. Thanks again.

    As a New Years gift I give you, the InternetMonk Fisher of Men, men on the Internet catching monkfish– http://www.surfnetter.com/blog/?p=49

  3. Ummm… I’m a Catholic who *isn’t* praying for your conversion. Is that good or bad? 😉

    Seriously, I’m glad to hear that you are getting a reasonable explanation of the crazy Papist Mariolatry that makes Scriptural sense to you and is helping with an atmosphere of harmony in your home. Not expecting you to suddenly start wearing the Miraculous Medal or the like, but it would be terrible if Our Lady was a cause of a worse wound in the grief you feel about the separation between your wife and yourself when it comes to worship.

  4. What if the Christian Life is the intensity? I can’t imagine my life without Christ, and I can’t imagine the intensity of life without Christ. It is in Christ that I live and breathe and move and have meaning. Life to the FULL!

    I see people who live without Christ. They have a form of intensity that has no meaning or an artificial meaning.

    I see the intense intellectual life of the mind as something that can only be complete and full and meaningful in Christ and in the Christian world view. I don’t get all preachy about it, but I love to engage the non-Christian and the sleeping faith-walkers in the conversation of the living mind of Christ.

    Faith isn’t blind and it’s not without the mind and the intensity that comes from life in Christ.

    What if I’m wrong?

    I’ll keep listening.