July 19, 2018

Eagle Updates — 7/31/12

Update 5:30pm — I spoke with Eagle by telephone earlier this afternoon. He said he feels very run down, but there are some positive signs. “Slow progress,” he called it. More than anything else, he said how much he has been impressed by the grace that has been coming his way through all of you. He also mentioned the chaplain visit as a helpful and encouraging contact. The infection in his leg is still a problem, and he continues to run a fever, so let’s continue praying for him.

You all are amazing. Thank you.

* * *

Update 11:20am — Eagle said the doctors said his CT looked good with no spread to the bone, etc. Although the cultures are still not back, they are beginning to think that it is not staph (MRSA). They are planing to continue the IV antibiotics since it is clear that he has some sort of infection.(I’m betting strep-medical people like to place bets on organisms).  He is still waiting for the Infectious Disease specialist to visit him.

He had a great conversation with the hospital chaplain who emphasized grace and mercy over condemnation. He said thinking about all of you who care is an example fo that. A friend is going to deliver his smart phone later today so he can read all of the comments. Thank you so much for sharing your love with Eagle.

Again, thanks to Dee at Wartbug Watch for taking the lead in this caring community!

* * *

8:30amFrom Dee at Wartburg Watch:

Of course, Eagle called while I was in the shower and I will not be able to ring through on his room phone until 10AM. This is the message that he left. He was moved to the cardiovascular floor since they can monitor him while giving him a quiet room to sleep. His blood pressure is looking good but his temperature is still high and his leg is bright red and blistering. He does not have the CT results as yet. He says he would be happy to receive visitors so I will contact those of you that have offered. I will update after 10AM.


  1. I am glad to hear the continuing good news about Eagle.

  2. I’d love to stop by and visit, sneak in a little cinnamon roll and coffee, chat about whatever……Wishing D.C. was close to Denver! Thanks, CM, for your faithfulness in keeping us posted on Eagle’s condition!

  3. I am cautiously optimistic… I been so worried about about our dear Eagle.
    His words have touched so many of our lives. I don’t know if he can see this… if not, please let him know that his kind response over something I had shared here on IM has stayed with me and I think of him with love. Will continue to pray.

  4. Radagast says:

    Apparently this Eagle is not flying solo any longer, he’s flying with a flock. Good to hear the positive progress. We will keep praying here in the Burgh for a speedy and full recovery.

    Hang in there big guy….



  5. This is encouraging news. Praying that it continues to be so.

  6. Very glad to hear it’s keeping clear of the bone. Yes, heavy doses of antibiotics will make you feel like something the cat dragged in, never mind the infection and fever on top of it all.

    Keeping on praying!

  7. You’re in my prayers, Eagle. I was in the hospital last year with a leg infection, and it’s no fun. I’m glad the infection didn’t go to the bone. That scare is past. Get well soon.

  8. Eagle, I am so sorry you are sick. We miss you here and you are in many prayers, including mine. Praying for your healing of mind and spirit and relationships, dear Brother.

  9. The heavenly office staff is in a tizzy with phones ringing off the hook. We’re keeping you top of the agenda.

  10. I’ve been out of circulation all summer, so this is the first I’ve heard about Eagle. Get well soon, buddy; you will definitely be in my prayers starting today!