May 1, 2016

iMonk: “Show Me Your Glory?”

From Michael Spencer’s classic post, Moses Wannabes * * * As churches have put more and more emphasis on experience in the corporate worship setting, “glory” language became more common. Revivals are the “glory” of God descending on a church. Manifestations of the Spirit are God’s glory in the midst of his people. Intense and […]

iMonk: “More Religious than God Himself”

From Michael Spencer’s classic post, Wretched Urgency II: My Not So Guilty Pleasures * * * C.S. Lewis, speaking as the senior devil in The Screwtape Letters, wrote about God: He’s a hedonist at heart. All those fasts and vigils and stakes and crosses are only a facade. Or only like foam on the sea […]

iMonk: “Where Is the Urgency?”

From Michael Spencer’s classic post, Wretched Urgency * * * How about the epistles in the New Testament? In those places where Christians are addressed as Christians, where is the urgency about church growth or personal evangelism? Yes, I know that Paul is urgent about his ministry, but I don’t find his instructions for other Christians […]

iMonk: “Marriage = Running Wounded”

From Michael Spencer’s classic post, On Running Wounded * * * Ask anyone who is married. We really are running wounded, and sometimes nothing seems more ridiculous than the proposition that we can really bring about more good than harm, or experience more love than suffering in this vulnerable relation called marriage. The reality is […]

iMonk: “I Have My Doubts”

From Michael Spencer’s classic post, I Have My Doubts * * * I have my doubts. About it all. God. Jesus. Life after death. Heaven. The Bible. Prayer. Miracles. Morality. Everything. “But you are a pastor. A Christian leader.” That’s right, and I am an encyclopedia of doubts. Sometimes it scares me to death. I’m […]

iMonk: “What Is the Bible?”

From Michael Spencer’s classic post, A Conversation in God’s Kitchen * * * What is the Bible? When I was a senior in high school, I made it into an Advanced English Class taught by Mrs. Vista Morris. Mrs. Morris taught us to research, to write and to speak. Oddly, we never left her room, […]

iMonk: “Getting Better?”

 From Michael Spencer’s classic post, When I Am Weak * * * Evangelicals love a testimony of how screwed up I USED to be. They aren’t interested in how screwed up I am NOW. But the fact is, that we are screwed up. Then. Now. All the time in between and, it’s a safe bet […]

iMonk: “Choose death to anything but grace”

From Michael Spencer’s classic post, Our Problem with Grace * * * I’ve thought a lot about grace as I’ve gotten older and lived the Christian life longer. I see and hear young, fired up, Pentecostal preacher boys, full of sermons about what will happen if we will pray more, live holy lives, get extreme, […]

iMonk on Interpreting Genesis 1

From To Be or Not to Be? Everybody thinks I should be a young earth creationist. I’m not. Why? by Michael Spencer (undated) * * * The young earth creationists believe that Genesis 1 is “literally” a description of creation. I do not. It is this simple disagreement that is the cornerstone of my objection. […]

An iMonk Classic in Anticipation of 2013

 Just Beyond the 100th Time by Michael Spencer, Dec. 2008 Dedicated to all of you on the same journey. Keep faith and keep going. You’re not alone. It’s time for one of your favorite programs here at Internet “Secret, Terrible, Unspoken Thoughts…REVEALED!” Today’s secret thought was uttered by a commenter in a recent discussion […]