October 4, 2015

iMonk Classic: Looking for Luther

Classic iMonk Post by Michael Spencer From July 2009 Earlier in the day, Blue Raja and I had a discussion at the Boar’s Head Tavern about an earlier post where I quoted a Semi-Pelagian IM commenter. It’s discouraging to read that the atonement “opened the door” for us to now live a life worthy of […]

iMonk Classic: An Appetite for Fanaticism

Classic iMonk Post by Michael Spencer Undated From CM: In the light of yesterday’s video post and discussion, I thought it appropriate to dig out some of Michael Spencer’s thoughts on religious enthusiasm. * * * An Appetite for Fanaticism: Is there something wrong with saying “You’ve gone too far”? It occurred to me this […]

Classic iMonk Quotes from 2005

Today, some significant snippets from the writings of Michael Spencer, mined from the 2005 Archives. * * * On how theology must lead to reality While discussing the doctrine of election the other day, I asked BHT fellow Bill a version of the following question: “If you were able to follow Jesus for the three […]

iMonk Classic: The Boat in the Backyard

Classic iMonk Post by Michael Spencer originally published June 2006 From CM: This is one story I always think about around Father’s Day. Thank you, Michael. * * * When I was twelve years old, my father bought a small aluminum boat, just enough for two people to use for fishing in the local lakes. […]

iMonk Classic: “You Need to Smile More”

Classic iMonk Post by Michael Spencer from May 2007 Every day this summer school term, around 9:30 in the morning, I drive two blocks to the post office during a ten minute break from class. I get my mail, which often involves retrieving a package from the postal employee at the window. I know the […]

iMonk Classic: Has Grace Made Me Gracious?

Classic iMonk Post by Michael Spencer from May 2009 I’m thinking about grace a lot today after a bit of a mystical experience in church Sunday. As we were preparing for communion, I was praying. The Spirit brought to mind a series of dark incidents from my own life where God was miraculously gracious to […]

iMonk Classic: The Jonah 4 Club

Classic iMonk Post by Michael Spencer from May 2008 Here’s a useful question for me right now. (Maybe it will be useful to you, or maybe not.) Can you find places in scripture where someone had to drastically revise their idea of God in order to know and follow the true God? If so, why […]

iMonk Classic: A God-Shaped Void? Maybe Not.

Classic iMonk Post by Michael Spencer from May 2006 Nevertheless, young people do not feel disenchanted, lost or alienated in a meaningless world. “Instead, the data indicated that they found meaning and significance in the reality of everyday life, which the popular arts helped them to understand and imbibe.” Their creed could be defined as: […]

iMonk Classic: Enough Courage to Go Around

Classic iMonk Post by Michael Spencer from May 2008 If the truth about Christianity turned out to be very different from what we’d been taught as young Christians by people we look up to as mentors and authorities, would we stand up and tell the truth? Would we make the turn and go the other […]

iMonk Classic: God doesn’t offer explanations

Classic iMonk Post by Michael Spencer from October 2008 Note from CM: This was posted on another blog Michael started, called “Jesus-Shaped Spirituality”. • • • The problem with theological types- like yours truly- is they think that God has explained himself. In the Bible. In Jonathan Edwards. In the Lutheran Confessions. In the CRCC. […]