May 31, 2016

iMonk: Post-Stupid?

“I am on a post-evangelical journey, discovering what it means to be vitally connected to Jesus.” * * * A classic Michael Spencer post from March 2008. A truly prominent, not-post anything blogger has put forward the following theory: Those who use the prefix “post” to describe themselves are claiming to be smarter than those […]

iMonk: The “Magic Book” Approach to the Bible

From the classic Michael Spencer post, Magic Books, Grocery Lists and Silent Messiahs: How rightly approaching the Bible shapes the entire Christian Life * * * I believe most Christians use the word “inspiration” to mean “the Bible is a magic book, where God speaks to us in unusual ways.” By this they mean that […]

iMonk: All My Wrestling

From the classic Michael Spencer post: The Ecclesiastes Attitude * * * The God of the Bible knows what he is doing. His work is, as scripture says, “past finding out.” He asks for no advice. He is not holding question and answer press conferences. He is not writing books of ten easy-to-understand bullet pointed […]

iMonk: “The Worship Setting”

Michael Spencer’s classic post: The Evangelical Liturgy 1: The Worship Setting Originally posted Aug. 14, 2009 * * * New Covenant worship can take place any place and any time. There is no setting specified in the scriptures, neither is there any arrangement of worship externals that we are told to imitate. Our Roman Catholic […]

iMonk: “Shouldn’t these people be picking better stocks?”

I’m tired of weird Christians. I am tired of hearing people I work with say that God is talking to them like He talked to Moses at the burning bush or like He talked to Abraham. I’m weary of people saying God speaks directly to them about mundane matters of reasonable human choice, so that […]

iMonk: “Show Me Your Glory?”

From Michael Spencer’s classic post, Moses Wannabes * * * As churches have put more and more emphasis on experience in the corporate worship setting, “glory” language became more common. Revivals are the “glory” of God descending on a church. Manifestations of the Spirit are God’s glory in the midst of his people. Intense and […]

iMonk: “More Religious than God Himself”

From Michael Spencer’s classic post, Wretched Urgency II: My Not So Guilty Pleasures * * * C.S. Lewis, speaking as the senior devil in The Screwtape Letters, wrote about God: He’s a hedonist at heart. All those fasts and vigils and stakes and crosses are only a facade. Or only like foam on the sea […]

iMonk: “Where Is the Urgency?”

From Michael Spencer’s classic post, Wretched Urgency * * * How about the epistles in the New Testament? In those places where Christians are addressed as Christians, where is the urgency about church growth or personal evangelism? Yes, I know that Paul is urgent about his ministry, but I don’t find his instructions for other Christians […]

iMonk: “Marriage = Running Wounded”

From Michael Spencer’s classic post, On Running Wounded * * * Ask anyone who is married. We really are running wounded, and sometimes nothing seems more ridiculous than the proposition that we can really bring about more good than harm, or experience more love than suffering in this vulnerable relation called marriage. The reality is […]

iMonk: “I Have My Doubts”

From Michael Spencer’s classic post, I Have My Doubts * * * I have my doubts. About it all. God. Jesus. Life after death. Heaven. The Bible. Prayer. Miracles. Morality. Everything. “But you are a pastor. A Christian leader.” That’s right, and I am an encyclopedia of doubts. Sometimes it scares me to death. I’m […]