April 19, 2015

iMonk Classic: Michael Spencer Helps Us Prepare for Advent

Classic iMonk Post by Michael Spencer From November, 2008 Original Title: “Riffs: Joseph Bottum on the End of Advent (and the horror of our version of Christmas)” Many years ago, we made a decision to, as much as possible, speak of Advent and not of Christmas, until Christmas. I’ve never been able to hold off […]

iMonk Classic: The Playwright’s Son

Classic iMonk Post by Michael Spencer From November, 2005 Once upon a time there was a playwright. While this playwright was the best who ever lived, his passion was not for his plays, but for his son, the greatest actor of his time. The son loved to act, and to bring joy, truth and meaning […]

iMonk Classic: Subcultural Spirituality or “I know he’s a Christian because I saw it on his bumper sticker.”

Classic iMonk Post by Michael Spencer From August, 2004 One of the axioms of my critique of evangelicalism is this: methodology creates theology. By this I mean that when evangelicals have adopted particular methods, such as the evangelistic sales pitch or the powerpoint designed sermon, they will soon develop an accompanying theology, generally morphed in […]

iMonk Classic: Mainlines — We’re Having a Moment Here

Classic iMonk Post by Michael Spencer Original post: July, 2007 I wrote this piece in July of ’07. It garnered 70 comments and some grousy updates on my part. (You can read the original here.) I’m reprinting the post with a clear comment thread because I feel the sentiment I expressed in this piece is […]

iMonk Classic: Standing on My Own Trap Door? or “I’ll Take My Christocentric Theology To Go, Thank You.”

Classic iMonk Post by Michael Spencer From Nov. 29, 2007 Let it be presupposed that every good Christian is to be more ready to save his neighbor’s proposition than to condemn it. If he cannot save it, let him inquire how he means it; and if he means it badly, let him correct him with […]

The Internet Monk Annual Halloween Rant

Classic iMonk Post by Michael Spencer From October 23, 2008 Originally published at the Steve Brown, Etc. Guest Room Blog. You also might enjoy “The Great Pumpkin Proposes a Toast,” from deep in the IM archives. Here’s a good post on “How to have a great Catholic Halloween.” No Protestants are harmed. It’s OK. • […]

iMonk Classic: On Christ-less Preaching

Is this a joke? I’ve just heard yet another sermon that never mentioned Jesus anywhere or in any way. No, no, it’s not an oddity or anywhere close to the first time. I’ll estimate that in the last five years I’ve heard at least fifty sermons that totally omitted any mention of Jesus, and many […]

iMonk Classic: Dr. StrangeLiturgy

Here is one of my favorite classic essays by Michael Spencer. I, too, grew up as a believer in the “tent revival” atmosphere. I, too, was taught that liturgy equaled deadness and man-made religion. Now I am looking for liturgy. Now I’m looking for music that is all about God, and not about how I […]

iMonk Classic: A Young Person’s Guide To The Book Of Revelation

This is an essay Michael Spencer prepared as a way to help the young people he taught understand the book of Revelation. I find that, even though I’m no longer “young,” this helps me greatly when preparing to read through what may be the most difficult book in all of Scripture. You may want to […]

iMonk Classic: East Of Eden

Editor’s note: With today being something called “Pulpit Freedom Sunday” (see yesterday’s Saturday Ramblings for more on this), I thought it good to revisit what Michael Spencer had to say about Christians and politics. This essay first appeared in October, 2004, and has been edited for length, and it is still long. But it’s worth […]