May 24, 2015

Sundays with Michael Spencer: May 24, 2015

If you haven’t read them recently, the relevant passages on Spiritual gifts are 1 Corinthians 12-14, Romans 12, and 1 Peter 4. Most of us who are old enough recall when we first heard teaching on the subject of “spiritual gifts,” or charismata. For me, it was in the Charismatic movement’s first wave, which involved […]

Sundays with Michael Spencer: May 17, 2015

God is like a Rorschach test. You know, the ink blot test, where you look at an image that really presents nothing coherent, and you describe what you see. Kind of like looking at clouds and talking about what you see. The Rorschach test is outdated and was always controversial, but it does yield one agreed upon […]

Sundays with Michael Spencer: May 10, 2015

The crowd at the ball game is moved uniformly by a spirit of uselessness which delights them, all the exciting detail of the chase and the escape, the error the flash of genius, all to no end save beauty the eternal – • William Carlos Williams “The Crowd At The Baseball Game” • • • […]

Sundays with Michael Spencer: May 3, 2015

I’ve lived most of my life submerged in the world of churches, Christians, Biblical language, and the Christian worldview. As I’ve moved into the second half of life, I’ve become aware that I need to separate myself from the Christian culture that has dominated my life, and to look closely for where my own assumptions […]

Sundays with Michael Spencer: April 26, 2015

Note from CM: On Sundays in 2015, we are looking at excerpts from our Archives in order to hear the continuing voice of Michael Spencer, the Internet Monk, who died five years ago. Today’s post gives an example of one of his lessons from the Gospel of Mark, and how Michael tried to understand and communicate the ongoing relevance […]

Sundays with Michael Spencer: April 19, 2015

Then he went home, and the crowd gathered again, so that they could not even eat. And when his family heard it, they went out to seize him, for they were saying, “He is out of his mind.”…And his mother and his brothers came, and standing outside they sent to him and called him. And […]

Sundays with Michael Spencer: April 12, 2015

Note from CM: I’m editing and posting today’s message from Oneida, KY, Michael’s home and place of ministry. Gail and I are visiting Denise and enjoying the beauties of the early Appalachian spring. This message was originally posted in May 2008. • • • ***sigh*** When someone says I’ve written something I shouldn’t have written, […]

iMonk Classic: Death: The Road that Must Be Traveled

  Note from CM: This week, as we commemorate Michael Spencer’s passing five years ago, we thank God for the hope of eternal life and hear this reminder from Michael: “…the Christian does not see death as the triumph of death, but as the giving way of death to life. In the final moments, this […]

What Michael continues to teach me about the one holy, catholic, and apostolic church

I believe in one holy, catholic, and apostolic church, but regret that it doesn’t exist. • William Temple • • • Michael Spencer has been one of my best, most reliable guides in the post-evangelical life I now live. I find it ironic that, at this stage of my life, our experiences of church mirror each other. […]

Some good Michael Spencer quotes — 2004-2009

2004 — What about the day after the party? I think it’s provable again and again that what we are comfortable saying to an unbeliever, we aren’t comfortable saying to a Christian. The Gospel is for Christians, too. We love the story of the Prodigal son. Now, what about the day after the party? What if the […]