January 26, 2015

Rob Grayson: The Powers Exposed

Note from CM: Today we welcome Rob Grayson, one of our readers from across the pond. Rob is a freelance translator living in the middle of England. He finally pulled his finger out and began blogging last year, and since then he’s barely looked back. He writes on theology and faith in an attempt to […]

How We Become Human

I know, as a tenet of my faith, that Jesus’ incarnation, death, and resurrection somehow have set me free from death and given me new life.  I know that God says that he will take away my heart of stone and give me a heart of flesh.  But I can’t say I understand how that […]

Lent with Bob Dylan: John Wesley Harding

The year 1967 saw yet another reinvention of Bob Dylan. After his early days as a protest singer, Dylan morphed into a folk-pop artist, moving from “Blowin’ in the Wind” to “Mr. Tambourine Man,” and sparking the kind of mixed reactions he has garnered for five decades. Then in the mid-60s, he plugged in and […]

Lent with Bergman 1 – Wild Strawberries

All along the line, there’s nothing but cold and death and loneliness. It must end somewhere. – from Wild Strawberries * * * It seems to me the movies of Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman would provide fruitful material for us as a source of contemplation during Lent. As part of this year’s IM Lenten emphasis, […]

All Is Lost

The other night, I watched the film, “All Is Lost,”  which is the story of a lone sailor adrift in the Indian Ocean who struggles to survive. I found it to be a film that lends itself to contemplation, with a couple of good lessons to think about during this Lenten season. All Is Lost […]

Ash Wednesday with Father Flynn

“It was a time of people sitting together, bound together by a common feeling of hopelessness. But think of that! Your bond with your fellow being was your despair. It was a public experience; it was awful. But we were in it together. “…When you are lost, you are not alone.” – from “Doubt” (Listen […]

Lent: A Time for Praying with the Exiles

  O that deliverance for Israel would come from Zion! When God restores the fortunes of his people, Jacob will rejoice; Israel will be glad. – Psalm 53:6 When we read and pray the Psalms, we enter into the prayers of David and the other psalmists, we enter into the prayers of the exiles who […]

Ash Wednesday with Pancho and Lefty

Sometimes I don’t know where this dirty road is taking me Sometimes I can’t even see the reason why I guess I’ll keep on a-gamblin’, lots of booze and lots of ramblin’ It’s easier than just a-waitin’ ’round to die – Townes Van Zandt Our good friend Matt Redmond just wrote a poignant piece about how […]

Martha on Lent

Lent is coming! When I was young, I was confident in what Lent was and what it meant. Now I’m older, it gets more mysterious and complex. This week marks the start of the forty-day (plus Sundays) period which is one of the two seasons in the liturgical year where the purple of penitence is […]

Leithart on “The Persistent Marginalization of the Eucharist”

Lent 2012: A Journey through the Wilderness Leithart on “The Persistent Marginalization of the Eucharist” “When the Sign seals the Word, the church becomes a communion of martyrs ready to bear the cross because they have consumed the cross.” • Peter Leithart, “Do This” (First Things) • • • Readers and emailers have brought Peter […]