April 18, 2014

From the iMonk Archive: The “Happy Enough” Protestant

MOD: This discussion has degenerated into the usual “my side v. your side” dirt clod fight. Unfortunately, this shows some of us have missed or forgotten the spirit of the original post. Go back and read it again, folks. I can celebrate my tradition and the good, biblical aspects of it, without having to denigrate […]

Book Review: Welcoming Justice

Today’s review is by Ryan Cordle, Michael Spencer’s son-in-law. Thanks, Ryan! For two years I have worked at a ministry as a high school teacher. In these couple of years I have seen how God’s movement for reconciling people is real. At our school, we have students from everywhere, quite literally. Our kids come from […]

UPDATE: Another Look at Visitation

Back during Advent, I put up a post on one of my favorite Gospel words: visit. I encourage you to go back and read it HERE. In that post, I made this comment: “I think it is what pastors and Christian people used to do, what they were expected to do. But something changed in […]

I Am the Least of These

I heard it again in church today. Last week, it was in our church bulletin, used to announce a youth mission project. It is the poster passage for all manner of missions and social justice ministries. How can you go wrong with a text that epitomized Mother Teresa, the very Scripture by which she herself […]

Increasing Marriage Age and Its Implications

COMMENTS NOW CLOSED. Today’s guest post is from IM First Officer Michael Bell. Moderator Note: This is Chaplain Mike.  After a couple days of spirited discussion, allow me make a few comments here. First, thank you to Michael Bell for a thoughtful and provocative topic and presentation. Second, I’ve allowed this to go on without […]

Sleep on this idea…

Guest post by Chaplain Mike. Yawn… We don’t have too many big snow storms where I live, in central Indiana. We are usually on the line between rain and snow, and therefore happen to miss both the drastic wind-chills and ginormous snowpiles of our northern neighbors and the early spring warmth and colors of those […]

From the iMonk Archives: When I Am Weak: Why we must embrace our brokenness and never be good Christians

Today Chaplain Mike asks us to reflect on one of his favorite IM posts of all time, originally posted in 2004, one which leads him to suspect that Michael is, at heart, a son of Luther after all. The voice on the other end of the phone told a story that has become so familiar […]

How Many Do You Have?

Today’s guest blogger is Pat K. Entering a new year for evangelicals usually brings with it new resolutions to read the Bible more. Pat has some good questions, thoughts, and suggestions about this. This is where the rubber of “sola scriptura” meets the road of what we actually do with the Bible. The above picture […]

From the iMonk Archives: There’s Always A Day Before

Today Chaplain Mike revisits a classic IM article from Nov, 2009 about our human finiteness. In the light of iMonk’s own unexpected health problems, this article seems especially prescient and poignant. The news story is strange and tragic. Three college softball players go for a night time drive in the country. On an unfamiliar road, […]

Open Mic at the iMonk Cafe: “Mere Christianity” Christians

Today, Chaplain Mike posts this Open Mic question on behalf of iMonk. “Are the ‘Mere Christianity Christians,’ i.e. Christians who emphasize the smaller, more minimal and broadly efficient vision of C.S. Lewis and some of the early church fathers personified in the Apostles’ Creed, the greatest threat to modern Evangelicalism? More and more apologists are […]