September 23, 2014

Follow-Up: Answers from Andrew Perriman

NOTE FROM CM: Andrew Perriman was kind enough to send some responses to our post outlining his NT interpretation last week and the comments in the discussion. Because they came later than the first discussion, I thought I would post them today as a means of continuing the conversation. • • • NATE: I don’t […]

Fr. Ernesto: Biting My Lip Hard

Biting My Lip Hard by Father Ernesto Obregon The cartoon above makes me bite my lip real hard. The cartoonist caught just what some people think about the trend in some churches to turn the worship service into a coffee shop atmosphere with some talking. While the term “seeker sensitive” is not as much of […]

Daniel Grothe: The Spiritual Discipline of Scribbling

The Spiritual Discipline of Scribbling by Daniel Grothe A few years ago, I began preaching weekly—an invigorating, and simultaneously daunting and demanding, task. Previously, I had the good fortune of being an occasional preacher, filling in for people who were on vacation or who turned up sick. As a fill-in, very often you get to […]

Rob Grayson: Long Walk Home

Long Walk Home by Rob Grayson I recently read the following quote: The kingdom of God comes like a long walk home. (For those who want to know, it’s actually a slightly edited version of a quote by Brian Zahnd.) This really connected with something I’ve been thinking about lately, so I thought I’d take […]

Matt B. Redmond: The Only Really Good News There Is

Note from CM: Matt just announced that his mom lost her brief battle with cancer last night. Please pray for their family. The Only Really Good News There Is by Matthew B. Redmond The smell was overwhelming. My oldest brother and I stood outside the rehab facility waiting for one of our other brothers to […]

David Fitch: The Caffeine Free Diet Coke: A Metaphor for Evangelicalism 4 years later

Note from CM: Thanks to David Fitch for permission to re-post this insightful article about the nature of evangelicalism. I have highlighted one group of sentences below that I think is most important for understanding where Fitch is coming from. He says, “I think it’s been proven that we cannot overlay “missional” over the same […]

Miguel Ruiz: God Has a “Wonderful Plan” for Your Death

God Has a “Wonderful Plan” for Your Death by Miguel Ruiz If I hear this one more time, I swear I’m gonna snap. “God has a plan.” Wonderful. And I almost thought that, maybe for just a moment, there was a lapse in omnipotence. Of course He has everything under control! That’s the problem: I’m […]

Daniel Grothe: Dripping Wet: Developing a Christian Imagination for Baptism

Note from CM:  Our friend Adam Palmer recently introduced me (via email) to Daniel Grothe, who serves at New Life Church in Colorado Springs. After reading his blog, Edging Into The Mysteries, I agreed with Adam that Daniel has good things to say and that he says them well. So, he graciously agreed to share […]

Randy Thompson: The Church as a Hospice for the Dying

The Church as a Hospice for the Dying by Rev. Randy Thompson Forest Haven, Bradford, NH “When Christ calls a man, he bids him come and die.” -Dietrich Bonhoeffer I recently read an interesting article over at Christianity Today’s Parse blog on why the popular metaphor of the Church as a hospital for the sick […]

Rob Grayson: The Powers Exposed

Note from CM: Today we welcome Rob Grayson, one of our readers from across the pond. Rob is a freelance translator living in the middle of England. He finally pulled his finger out and began blogging last year, and since then he’s barely looked back. He writes on theology and faith in an attempt to […]