July 22, 2018

About Mule Chewing Briars

He Descended Into Hell

It is a strange thing for me to say that Great and Holy Saturday is one of my favorite services in the entire Orthodox Church year.   The adjectival phrase ‘favorite service’ would have had no meaning for me when I was Reformed, because all Reformed services are either identical or aspire to be so.  […]

On Charles Williams

O Champion General, we your City ascribe to you the victory in gratitude for being rescued from calamity, O Theotokos. But since you have invincible power, free us from all kinds of perils so that we may cry out to you: Rejoice, O Bride unwedded! When he perceived what had secretly been ordered, to the […]

A Modern Bestiary, Part Two

Editor’s note: You can read Mule’s A Modern Bestiary, Part One here.  Stories of saints and animals have always moved me deeply. St. Seraphim and his bear was one of the first I learned about in an Orthodox context: Saint Seraphim began to go to a “far wilderness,” which was a desolate place in a forest 5 […]

A Modern Bestiary, Part One

The parking lot of a suburban Central Florida community college was the last place I ever expected to find a peacock, and yet there he was, picking about the dumpster like a rooster and gobbling down stray grains. Looking back in retrospect I probably should have called security and found out where the poor bird had escaped […]

The Apophaticism Of Persons

I discovered the yellow, fading newspaper clipping at the bottom of a box of my father’s papers after he passed away.  “Local Kissimmee girl wins Beauty Pageant.”  The clipping was from the Orlando Evening Star from March 1947, and it stated that Miss Emma Mae Scoggins of Kissimmee, Florida won a local beauty pageant and […]

Individuality And Personhood

A friend of mine, a cinephile, a lover of the cinema in the very best sense of that phrase, commented to me once about what he saw as a difference between the films of the 40s and the 50s and those made ‘Oh, after about 1978’. The characters in the earlier films had neuroses, whereas […]

The Wages Of Art

Almost as soon as you open your computer you sense that something is wrong.  It takes too long to load your background screen, or there is a lot of unexpected disk activity causing your hard drive to sound like a pack of dwarves in their mine, or when you open your browser there is some […]

The Mule’s Bible

One of our regular commenters goes by the handle “Mule Chewing Briars.” He may or may not have a real name, but he does have a real style about him: He has something to say, and doesn’t mince words saying it. Mule is joining the iMonk stable of writers; we will hear from him most […]