September 20, 2018

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Say Anything

Say Anything The ad man triumphs at the church on the corner I am a hopeless reader of church advertisements. When I can get my hands on a newspaper, I do not read the sports sections or the comics. I read church advertisements. For sheer entertainment, they are hard to beat. Americans have a special […]

Occasional Missionaries; Accidental Tourists

Occasional Missionaries; Accidental Tourists I’ve got to ask some questions about all these mission trips Late Night Mission Trips Several weeks ago I was up late and happened to scan past one of the twelve–a good Bible number– religious cable channels on my TV, when I saw a show about five college-aged guys on a […]

Trashing The Moral ABC’s

As a capitalist and a moderate libertarian, I have no problem with the merchandising of Mr. Mathers’ product to the masses. It’s a free market, so have at it. I have no objection to the right of American consumers to lay down their hard-earned money to purchase the fruits of Mr. Mathers’ troubled childhood. Here […]