October 20, 2018

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Sex in dangerous places: A letter of advice about sex and the single Christian guy

Sex in Dangerous Places A letter of advice about sex and the single Christian guy. by Michael Spencer Dear Thomas, Thanks for your letter. Has it really been years? Perhaps I should just admit that I am a very poor correspondent, and not act like I didn’t know I have neglected our friendship. I hope […]

Lessons of the gladiator

Lessons of the Gladiator by Michael Spencer Stock car racing is one of those gems of America’s heartland that must be a complete puzzle to the coastal cultural gatekeepers. With its roots in running moonshine and it’s heroes being very blue-collar, non-PBS types, it surely seems a very bizarre universe of grown men acting like […]

A Father’s Day remembrance

A Father’s Day Remembrance The Memories, Love and Lessons That Came From Our Dads by Michael Spencer The more time passes, the more I love my dad, S.L. “Sim” Spencer, who passed away in 1993. Maybe it has to do with walking through more and more of the life that he lived, as I grow […]

Talk hard: The role of the critic in Christianity

Talk Hard In which the iMonk describes and defends the role of the critic in Christianity. by Michael Spencer In the almost four years that The Internet Monk web site has been posting my thoughts on the door of the world, I’ve received over a thousand letters. Pretty cool. And 95 percent of them have […]

To be or not to be: Why I’m not a young earth creationist

To Be Or Not To Be Everybody thinks I should be a young earth creationist. I’m not. Why? by Michael Spencer (NOTE: Well, I guess I need to say that is is entirely my personal, scientifically ignorant, highly subjective view. This is not a pronouncement on creationism, but a personal declaration of why I am […]

The Special Temptations of a House Divided

The Special Temptations of a House Divided by Michael Spencer The writers of the Constitution believed Congress was the branch of government closest to the people. With the terms of representatives being short, no political parties in existence and no thought of a permanent political class making this a career, high hopes were placed in […]

Dirty hands and a pure heart

Dirty Hands and A Pure Heart George W. Bush and the Reality of Political Compromise by Michael Spencer Were it not for the war on terrorism, conservatives would be boiling mad at President Bush. As it is, the President’s popularity among conservatives is suffering through a period of disenchantment. As was predicted in this space […]

I’m not a conservative Christian

I’m Not A Conservative Christian Dare I say it? I don’t need Rush, Sean or O’Reilly to tell me what’s important. by Michael Spencer When you write for public consumption, there is always that fear that someone is going to read your recent stuff, head back into the archives and announce that you have done […]

To clone or not to clone

To Clone or Not to Clone by Michael Spencer The first point I want to make is someone tell this Italian doctor to please not clone himself, because he looks like a casting mistake in a Peter Sellers movie. Or a Dr. Evil wannabe. Or a guy who always wanted to be the villain in […]

Liberals and Conservatives: Beware the Class of 2001

Liberals and Conservatives: Beware the Class of 2001 by Michael Spencer I have been to the mountaintop, and I have seen the future. It’s called the class of 2001, and my liberal friends, it looks grim for you. But before conservatives pour a drink and get ready for a rout, you might want to pay […]