July 23, 2018

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As a follow-up to the post on Purgatory, and to fulfill the promise therein where I said we would speak of indulgences, here we treat of that most vexed topic. Before we begin, an acknowledgement: Yes, there was Tetzel and the sale of indulgences for the dead and yes, Tetzel was in the wrong.  You […]


Time for a look at yet another mysterious Roman Catholic doctrine: Purgatory. Nobody understands Purgatory (except theologians and possibly those saints who have had private revelations), so (a) don’t worry if you don’t find it makes any sense and (b) as ever, the opinions expressed below – except where expressly stated otherwise – are those […]

The Scandal Of Forgiveness

This is the post that will have me burned at the stake, or hanged, drawn and quartered, or at the very least tarred, feathered, and run out of town on a rail. The topic was mentioned on here recently about the Irish government’s plan to introduce mandatory reporting of child abuse, with particular reference to […]

Take that, Milton

Blame Jeff, not me. Okay, blame me as well for all the quoting of Dante I do on here, which is probably what put the idea into his head.  So now you are going to be afflicted with what is most definitely not a reasoned work of considered literary criticism, so beware and be warned. […]

Prayer During Ordinary Time

Pentecost has been and gone, the Spirit has descended upon us, and now we are in the season of Ordinary Time up until Advent, where the liturgical color is green (for hope) and we get on with our ordinary lives, living as Christians in the world.  We’re out of the upper room and down in […]

A (Very) Short Overview Of The Papacy: Part Deux

Martha of Ireland took us on a short, fun ride through the lives of some of the more colorful Popes this morning. Now she explores the role of Pope in history, as well as the reason we have Popes. I am always enlightened when I read what Martha shares, but this is something the Holy […]

A (Very) Short Overview Of The Papacy

My oh my. I ask Martha to consider writing something on the papacy and she delivers posts that have me both laughing until my sides hurt, and rejoicing in our incredible sovereign God. In Part One, Martha takes a merry romp thru the history of some of the more, shall we say, colorful Popes over […]

Praying To Saints

Martha of Ireland is without a doubt the smartest person I have ever conversed with, even if our conversations all occur through email. Knowing that she is 1) a faithful follower of Jesus, 2) a Catholic, and 3) not afraid to share her thoughts, I went to her with a topic that troubles many Protestants—and, […]

Almost Like Being There

Editor’s Note: Happy St. Patrick’s Day! For some time now, Martha of Ireland has been contributing outstanding comments to many of our essays. Now we turn the pen (ok, keyboard) over to her for a look at St. Patrick’s Day as it is celebrated in Ireland, and at the real St. Patrick—or as real as […]