September 23, 2018

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A Day At The Ol’ Ballyard

Update: Several people have let me know, through the comments and in emails directly to me ( that they want to come, but the cost is a bit too high. I have found a way to get the cost down to $99. The seats will not be quite as good, but they are not in […]

Saturday Ramblings 5.1.10

Welcome to our weekly effort to tidy up here at the Internet Monk. We have some leftovers and tidbits that need to be put away, so bear with us as we do some light housekeeping. N. T. Wright will retire as Bishop of Durham (England) this summer to take a position at St. Andrews in […]

Live on Steve Brown, Etc.

Chaplain Mike and Jeff Dunn will be were on Steve Brown, Etc. today at noon Eastern. It will be available to listen to online later today, or you can catch it on many radio stations nationwide this weekend.  You can check out the information for the broadcast here. Thanks to Steve and Eric for making […]

Walking On The Moon

I am a geek when it comes to the Wright Brothers and manned space flight, as much of this history goes through Dayton, Ohio (near where I was born and raised) and vicinity. I have several dozen books on Wilbur and Orville as well as the space program. I consider going to the Air Force […]

Saturday Ramblings 4.24.10

Welcome to Saturday Ramblings, our weekly effort to clean out the ‘fridge and rid ourselves of all that we couldn’t eat during the week. And what a busy week it has been. First of all, Francis Chan, pastor of Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley, California, announced he is stepping down from that position to pursue […]

The Book I Can’t Review

UPDATE: Ok. Moderation on. Keep your comments civil. We are not bashing anyone here. Don’t make me impose a two-drink limit. MOD NOTE: Comments are closed for the time being. Sheesh, I leave for a few hours and return to find a bar fight! It might be comforting, to those Christians who doubt the current […]

Saturday Ramblings 4.17.10

Editor’s note: Comments that disagree with the post or its contents are welcome. Disagreeable comments are not. Saturday Ramblings will be a regular feature here at Internet Monk, our attempt to clean the kitchen at the end of each week. Saturdays are a good day to clean up around the house and yard, putting away […]

Our Dangerous God

Two and a half years years ago a friend of mine stepped forward in our Sunday morning service to share a message he had wrestled with for weeks. It was not a message he was excited to share, but knew that God was compelling him to do so. The word he shared that morning changed […]

Found: A Gospel-Centered Church

We frequently take shots here at the home of the iMonk at churches who have abandoned the Gospel for a message of self-help, or of prosperity, or of how to never again have a bad hair day. And we will continue to do so. Why? It is our calling to do so. And it’s fun. […]

Mere Churchianity Update

I just got some very exciting news: The release date for Michael Spencer’s Mere Churchianity has been moved up from September 15 to June 15. Waterbrook, a division of Random House, has seen the presales–many of which I am sure are coming from the iMonk community–continue to be strong. An eBook version should be available […]