March 27, 2015

About Jeff Dunn

I’m Still Here

Well my friends, it has been a week. Since so many of you have been kind enough to write to me asking how I am doing health-wise, I thought I would give you a bit of an update. If this is boring to you (and I don’t blame you if it is), I suggest you […]

Computer Wanted

Well, I guess it had to happen. My trusty MacBook has seen better days. It is on the cusp of giving up the ghost. This is the computer I use to keep iMonk up and running. It sees pretty heavy usage each day. But now … well, I am having to do all kinds of […]

Welcome To The World (Atheist Remix)

Last week Craig Bubeck took at look at a video that has been making the rounds, a video prepared by the Thinking Athiest.  Craig then gave us his counter-narrative. Today, Liturgical Gangsta Daniel Jepsen looks at Welcome to the World–the atheist remix. By Daniel Jepsen My child, welcome to this world. Before you grow up, […]

The Punchline

Many of you who read my post on Sunday night have been kind enough to ask about my health, encouraging me to get to the doctor for a follow-up. One of my close friends even said, “See? All of those people on iMonk are telling you to go to doctor. You need to listen to […]

The Naked Emperor

I am going to spend a little time talking about what I see in the evangelical world. I believe I can write about this from a well-informed viewpoint. For thirty-some years now I have been involved in mass media in one form or another, with much of that time involved in Christian radio, TV, and […]

How I Spent My Saturday

Beautiful day here in Tulsa yesterday. Sunny, not too windy, in the mid-70s, it was about as perfect a fall day as you will find. I thought it the perfect day to ride in an ambulance. I’ve been feeling very not well for several months now. It’s a general weakness, accompanied by dizziness and  a […]

Saturday Ramblings 10-22-11

Greatings, iMonks, to the weekly ritual where we clean up the messes left around the iMonastery. Hey—you can’t make a ham-and cheese omelet without cracking a few eggs, grilling up some ham and grating some cheese. Writing all of that has made me hungry. So while y’all are perusing the eggs we’ve cracked for this morning’s […]

How Much is that Dogma in the Window?

Commenter Jack Heron always brings well-thought-out ideas to the table here at the iMonastery. He has now stepped up with a very good look at the topic of dogma. Read carefully and comment accordingly, iMonks. JD by Jack Heron Having a dogma is a tricky thing. It’s irregularly conjugated, for a start: My dogma irresistibly […]

The Grip Is Strong

We are a checklist-driven people. Give us a list of things to accomplish, and we are driven to check off every last one. That’s how we were in school. I have to take algebra to get out of here? Fine, I’ll take algebra. Check. Now that it’s done, I never have to deal with algebra […]

A Dog Named Beau

This morning, Damaris shared a poem about taking in creation with the Creator. About relaxing and enjoying what the Lord made for us to enjoy. She suggested we might just take time to scratch a dog’s belly. Lean on a fence post. Do something that is not “productive” or “necessary.” We were encouraged to take […]