September 23, 2014

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Welcome To The World (Atheist Remix)

Last week Craig Bubeck took at look at a video that has been making the rounds, a video prepared by the Thinking Athiest.  Craig then gave us his counter-narrative. Today, Liturgical Gangsta Daniel Jepsen looks at Welcome to the World–the atheist remix. By Daniel Jepsen My child, welcome to this world. Before you grow up, […]

The Punchline

Many of you who read my post on Sunday night have been kind enough to ask about my health, encouraging me to get to the doctor for a follow-up. One of my close friends even said, “See? All of those people on iMonk are telling you to go to doctor. You need to listen to […]

The Naked Emperor

I am going to spend a little time talking about what I see in the evangelical world. I believe I can write about this from a well-informed viewpoint. For thirty-some years now I have been involved in mass media in one form or another, with much of that time involved in Christian radio, TV, and […]

How I Spent My Saturday

Beautiful day here in Tulsa yesterday. Sunny, not too windy, in the mid-70s, it was about as perfect a fall day as you will find. I thought it the perfect day to ride in an ambulance. I’ve been feeling very not well for several months now. It’s a general weakness, accompanied by dizziness and  a […]

Saturday Ramblings 10-22-11

Greatings, iMonks, to the weekly ritual where we clean up the messes left around the iMonastery. Hey—you can’t make a ham-and cheese omelet without cracking a few eggs, grilling up some ham and grating some cheese. Writing all of that has made me hungry. So while y’all are perusing the eggs we’ve cracked for this morning’s […]

How Much is that Dogma in the Window?

Commenter Jack Heron always brings well-thought-out ideas to the table here at the iMonastery. He has now stepped up with a very good look at the topic of dogma. Read carefully and comment accordingly, iMonks. JD by Jack Heron Having a dogma is a tricky thing. It’s irregularly conjugated, for a start: My dogma irresistibly […]

The Grip Is Strong

We are a checklist-driven people. Give us a list of things to accomplish, and we are driven to check off every last one. That’s how we were in school. I have to take algebra to get out of here? Fine, I’ll take algebra. Check. Now that it’s done, I never have to deal with algebra […]

A Dog Named Beau

This morning, Damaris shared a poem about taking in creation with the Creator. About relaxing and enjoying what the Lord made for us to enjoy. She suggested we might just take time to scratch a dog’s belly. Lean on a fence post. Do something that is not “productive” or “necessary.” We were encouraged to take […]

Saturday Ramblings 10.15.11

The temperature was a very crisp but pleasant 52 when I went out this morning. Apples line the produce shelves at the grocery. Football is, well, how ’bout them Sooners? Welcome to the falling leaves edition of Saturday Ramblings. This is a time of the week when we sift through the leftovers to see what […]

Open Mic: Is The Virgin Birth Necessary?

As Martha of Ireland walks us through the mysteries of the Rosary, we have visited the topic of the virgin birth of Christ. There have been some comments wondering if it is necessary to believe in the virgin birth in order to be a Christian. I asked a friend what she thought about this. “Yes,” […]