April 20, 2014

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Randy Thompson: The Church as a Hospice for the Dying

The Church as a Hospice for the Dying by Rev. Randy Thompson Forest Haven, Bradford, NH “When Christ calls a man, he bids him come and die.” -Dietrich Bonhoeffer I recently read an interesting article over at Christianity Today’s Parse blog on why the popular metaphor of the Church as a hospital for the sick […]

Rob Grayson: The Powers Exposed

Note from CM: Today we welcome Rob Grayson, one of our readers from across the pond. Rob is a freelance translator living in the middle of England. He finally pulled his finger out and began blogging last year, and since then he’s barely looked back. He writes on theology and faith in an attempt to […]

Miguel Ruiz: A Response to “Annoying Things in Worship Songs”

Note from CM: Miguel is a regular reader and commenter on Internet Monk. I appreciate his personal and theological insights as one who is working in a congregational context and share his passion for worship and for the music that is such an important ingredient in our worship. Today, Miguel responds to a recent article […]

Ken Smith on the David Jang Controversy

Note from CM: Ken Smith is an independent journalist from Washington state who was gracious enough to send us a post on a subject we thought might be of interest to iMonk readers. In September 2012, he teamed up with Ted Olsen at Christianity Today to publish two articles on what they called “The Second […]

Kimberly Mason: Listening as Radical Hospitality

Note from CM: On New Year’s Day I read this brief but profound post at Kimberly Mason’s blog, The (Almost) Daily Office. Kim lives in the Great Northwest on an old farm and blogs about her outdoor journeys, her journeys into prayer and service, and her journeys in quilting, icon painting and creativity. She is […]

Randy Thompson: The Sky Is Always Falling

The Sky Is Always Falling by Randy Thompson “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” (Alphonse Karr) The other day I went up to the local garage to have our mechanic switch our car’s regular tires over to snow tires—a winter ritual for many of us here in New Hampshire. While waiting, […]

Lee Adams: Advent Hope

Note from CM: Thanks to IM friend Lee Adams, for today’s moving meditation on Advent. He blogs at Homilies, Prayers, and Bread for the Journey. * * * I stood and watched him sleeping in his grandmother’s bed. “His name is Ezekiel”, she said. “He blind.”  He seemed normal enough.  Small for his age, maybe, but any three […]

Allen Krell: “No simple theological vocabulary has answers to the complexities of my own situation”

Note from CM: Today we feature two updates by good friends of Internet Monk. We begin with Allen Krell, whose blog carries this descriptive subtitle: “I am on a spiritual journey, looking through Christian history as I search for the common church.” Many of us identify wholly with his sense that the Church is broader […]

Mike Bird: N.T. Wright and Michael Kruger on Healthcare

Note from CM: Thanks to Michael Bird for sharing this article with us. Bird, an Australian Bible scholar, is Lecturer in Theology at Ridley Melbourne College of Mission and Ministry. His new, well-regarded book is Evangelical Theology: A Biblical and Systematic Introduction, and Scot McKnight has begun blogging about it at Jesus Creed. Mike blogs […]

Adam McHugh: A Tale of Two Roads

Note from CM: I am so happy to announce that Adam McHugh will be writing a regular monthly post for us here at Internet Monk. Adam has been published in The Christian Century, The Washington Post, Leadership Journal, RELEVANT Magazine, Psychology Today, and Conversations Journal, as well as in other publications and websites. He is obviously […]