October 24, 2014

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Miguel Ruiz: First Church of Authenticity and Trends

Note from CM: Our friend Miguel Ruiz will now be blogging at The Brothers of John the Steadfast. This article, “First Church of Authenticity and Trends,” was recently published there, and Miguel gave us permission to run it as well. • • • First Church of Authenticity and Trends By Miguel Ruiz …is it just […]

Steve Scott: Thinking Outside the Blog

Thinking Outside the Blog: Connecting With Others in the Wilderness By Steve Scott I have an idea. We know that Michael Spencer wrote much about the problems within evangelicalism. So much so that the subtitle of the Internet Monk blog has long been, “Dispatches from the Post-Evangelical Wilderness.” Wilderness, you say? Yes. That place of […]

Jason Stellman: I Fought the Church and the Church Won

Note from CM: This week we are featuring stories of friends who found their way into the Roman Catholic church. The post-evangelical journey takes many different forms, and this is one of them. Michael Spencer himself experienced this in his family when his wife Denise converted to Catholicism, and you will find many articles in […]

Fr. Stephen Freeman: There Is No “Bible” in the Bible

Note from CM: Thanks to Fr. Freeman for giving us permission to post this excellent article from his blog. Please be aware that he states his points strongly and even overstates some things (in my opinion). I anticipate that some of you will take strong exception to some of his claims and interpretations. (Many of […]

Fr. Ernesto: Orthodoxy and Scripture

Note from CM: Today we welcome our friend, Fr. Ernesto Obregon, to whom we turn regularly with questions about Orthodox Christianity. In this post he gives an overview of the Orthodox view of Scripture. • • • I was asked to write on the Eastern Orthodox view of the Bible. Let me quote from one […]

Rob Grayson: The Bible Clearly Says

Over the past year or so, Facebook has become a place of wide-ranging theological discussion for me. Of course, as a medium for serious, in-depth discussion, it has its disadvantages and limitations; but thanks to others of like mind, I’ve found it to be predominantly a source of life and stimulation. Being active in theological […]

Fr. Ernesto: Biting My Lip Hard

Biting My Lip Hard by Father Ernesto Obregon The cartoon above makes me bite my lip real hard. The cartoonist caught just what some people think about the trend in some churches to turn the worship service into a coffee shop atmosphere with some talking. While the term “seeker sensitive” is not as much of […]

Daniel Grothe: The Spiritual Discipline of Scribbling

The Spiritual Discipline of Scribbling by Daniel Grothe A few years ago, I began preaching weekly—an invigorating, and simultaneously daunting and demanding, task. Previously, I had the good fortune of being an occasional preacher, filling in for people who were on vacation or who turned up sick. As a fill-in, very often you get to […]

Rob Grayson: Long Walk Home

Long Walk Home by Rob Grayson I recently read the following quote: The kingdom of God comes like a long walk home. (For those who want to know, it’s actually a slightly edited version of a quote by Brian Zahnd.) This really connected with something I’ve been thinking about lately, so I thought I’d take […]

Matt B. Redmond: The Only Really Good News There Is

Note from CM: Matt just announced that his mom lost her brief battle with cancer last night. Please pray for their family. The Only Really Good News There Is by Matthew B. Redmond The smell was overwhelming. My oldest brother and I stood outside the rehab facility waiting for one of our other brothers to […]