August 30, 2016

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Scot McKnight: Justification is about Unification

Note from CM: I saw this on Scot’s blog the other day and requested permission to re-post it here, which he graciously granted. This is such an important issue in understanding the New Testament, a perspective which, honestly, I rarely if ever heard during my days in evangelicalism. I have started reading Thompson’s book, which is an attempt […]

Rob Grayson: Metaphysical Jesus

Note from CM: In the light of some of the excellent discussions we’ve had this week, I thought this piece from our friend across the pond, Rob Grayson, would fit in nicely. Here are some good thoughts to encourage a Jesus-shaped spirituality. Rob blogs at Faith Meets World. • • • Metaphysical Jesus by Rob Grayson The […]

Scott Lencke – Misunderstanding Jesus: If You Don’t Have a Sword, Sell Your Cloak and Buy One

We welcome Scott Lencke today. He blogs at The Prodigal Thought. Scott also has a book coming this fall with Wipf & Stock, called Change for the First Time, Again, and a side project at the book’s website, where you can join in and share your own story of change. • • • There’s much talk these days (and these decades) about second amendment rights in […]

Mike the Geologist: Science and the Bible (Lesson 9)

Science and the Bible – Lesson 9 By Michael McCann Thus far we have looked at the phenotypic evidence for evolution.  This system of classification was first formulated in the 19th century based on: 1. Comparative anatomy 2. Biogeography – distribution of species around the world 3. The fossil record But beginning with the Watson and […]

Mike the Geologist: Science and the Bible (Lesson 8)

Science and the Bible – Lesson 8 By Michael McCann Last time we looked at the fossil record from a broad perspective view.  The fossil record is a history of how life appeared on this earth.  The overall view is that life, both animal and plant life, developed over a long period of time from […]

Mike the Geologist: Science and the Bible (Lesson 7)

Science and the Bible – Lesson 7 By Michael McCann Frequent Imonk commenter and fellow geologist, Klasie Kraalogies, also contributed to today’s essay. As we turn now to examine evidence for biologic evolution we must settle the issue of the fossil record.  If the geologic strata are a time-sequence record of the history of the […]

Mike the Geologist: Science and the Bible (Lesson 6)

Science and the Bible – Lesson 6 By Michael McCann In our last lesson we looked at some examples from geology that showed detailed, complex, coherent, and discoverable evidence that the earth is far older than a few thousand years.  I could have multiplied similar examples all day long if necessary.  Should you want to […]

Mike the Geologist: Science and the Bible (Lesson 5)

Science and the Bible Lesson 5 By Mike McCann We have now laid a basic philosophical basis to examine the “Science and the Bible” issues that are controversial to evangelicals.  Let’s summarize: All truth is God’s truth.  If something is true in the physical realm then it is true, period, full stop. The best way […]

Mike the Geologist: Science and the Bible (Lesson 4)

Science and the Bible Lesson 4 By Mike McCann Having laid a foundation of how to think about doing science and the relation of the natural world to the supernatural; at this point in my teaching series I turn attention to the Bible.  I begin with a basic lesson in hermeneutics and exegesis that I […]

Mike the Geologist: Science and the Bible (Lesson 3)

Science and the Bible Lesson 3 By Mike McCann In my previous essay, I talked about how I am a methodological naturalist when it comes to doing science, and you should be too.  It’s not that I don’t believe in miracles, I do; it’s that miracles, by definition are the one-off exceptions to the rules.  […]