August 17, 2018

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Saturday Ramblings, July 5, 2014, The Tim Howard Edition

Welcome to the Tim Howard edition of the Ramblings, fellow imonkers. Yes, team USA lost to Belgium on Tuesday, but goal-keeper Tim Howard made 16 saves, the most since they began keeping track (in 1966).   20 years ago he would have had a few nice newspaper clippings to but on his bulletin board.  This […]

Saturday Ramblings, June 28, 2014

Welcome to the weekend, fellow imonkers. I’m always surprised by which Rambling items generate the most discussion. Last week it was the Patent Court throwing out the trademark of the Washington Redskins.  Some commentators wondered if Cleveland’s Chief Wahoo was next on the chopping block, and that may indeed be the case.  “It’s been offensive since day […]

Saturday Ramblings, June 21, 2014

Welcome to the weekend, fellow imonkers. First, some sports. The sound you heard Sunday night was the sound of all the land (except South Florida) rejoicing as the Evil Empire was destroyed like an exploding death star. That’s right, the San Antonio Spurs took down the Miami Heat in five games in the NBA finals. […]

Saturday Ramblings, June 7, 2014

Mormon shoulder wars, Left-Behind trailers, and road trips with a corpse: Welcome to the weekend, fellow imonkers. First, some sports news.  The Evil Empire lost the first game of the NBA finals Thursday night in San Antonio.  The big news of the game was that the AC in the arena went out, and courtside temps […]

Saturday Ramblings, May 31, 2004

Welcome to the weekend, fellow imonkers. If any of you even thinks of mentioning the Pacers-Heat series I will look up your ISP and hunt you down. And do …  really bad things.  As soon as I can think of what they are.  You have been warned. Did you know that 33 cities have implemented […]

Saturday Ramblings, May 24, 2014

Football Temples, 4,000 year old dinosaurs, The Church of Beyonce, and the return of the firing squad. Happy weekend, fellow imonkers. Did you know that in the history of the International Religious Freedom Act, there is only one person ever banned from entering the U.S.? His name: Narendra Modi. His occupation: He was just elected prime minister […]

Saturday Ramblings, May 17, 2014

Satanic broccoli, baptizing Martians, and Godzilla as a Christ-figure. Welcome to the weekend, fellow imonkers. First, some lighter news.  Here in Indiana, we are anxiously awaiting the next round of the NBA playoffs, where the valiant and virtuous Pacers battle the Evil Empire (aka, the Miami Heat) for the Eastern Conference championship. And the Oklahoma City […]

Saturday Ramblings, May 10, 2014

Hello fellow imonkers. I hope you are enjoying your Saturday. The last few weeks I have poked fun at Chaplain Mike’s fandom of the Chicago Cubs. But since I respect Mike more highly than almost anyone I know, I have vowed to lay off. For a week. Did you know that one-fourth of American Hispanics […]

Saturday Ramblings, May 3, 2014

Happy May, fellow imonkers. First, a quick baseball update (Chaplain Mike loves baseball updates): As of Friday, the Chicago Cubs have played 26 games (out of a 162 game schedule) and are only 9.5 games behind first place. If my math is correct (highly unlikely) this means that at this pace they will only be […]

Saturday Ramblings, April 26, 2014

Hello, imonkers. I hope you are enjoying your spring. First up to bat: Chaplain Mike’s Chicago Cubbies celebrated the 100 year anniversary of Wrigley Field on Wednesday. If you know Cub history you will not be shocked to learn that they lost. After taking a three run lead into the ninth. And being one out […]