September 30, 2014

About Chaplain Mike

Chaplain Mike works with a hospice organization in central Indiana. He has been in pastoral ministry since 1978, serving in churches in Maryland, Vermont, Illinois, and Indiana before moving into chaplaincy work. He is married to a wonderful gifted wife, Gail, and they have four children and three grandchildren. He thinks baseball is the greatest game ever invented, suffers annually as a Chicago Cubs fan, and is looking forward to putting on a cap again this spring to coach his grandson's Little League team. He loves a wide variety of music, spends way too much money on books, is happy to live in a place where there are four seasons, and is a "true believer" in Apple computers, having used them since 1988. Luther is his favorite theologian, Bach his favorite composer, James Taylor his favorite singer-songwriter, Chicago his favorite city, and hiking his favorite form of exercise. He would love to do more with photography and dreams of having a place in the mountains of Arizona some day. His heart has been captured by the grace of God in Jesus Christ and considers himself a post-evangelical disciple seeking a Jesus-shaped life and hoping to help the church do the same. He is forever grateful to his friend, Michael Spencer, for giving him an opportunity to write for Internet Monk.

Kindle Counsel?

By Chaplain Mike Last week I received a thoughtful, unexpected gift — a Kindle reader! I haven’t done too much yet — read the quick-start guide, downloaded a couple of books, browsed through them a little bit, transferred previous purchases that I had read on my iPod Touch. The Kindle won’t replace my books, but […]

Complementarian Gymnastics

By Chaplain Mike UPDATE: This was posted via scheduling before it was finished, and I have more to say. I will be editing and adding over the next hour or so, and then it will be complete. UPDATE 2: Editing and updating now complete. UPDATE 3: Further editing to make point 4 of my comments […]

9/11 — The Last Word…for Now

By Chaplain Mike I was going to attempt to come up with a brilliant piece to close this week of 9/11 posts, but why I should I try, when I will never be able to top what what Will Willimon wrote as one of a number of evangelical leaders who reflected on 9/11 for Christianity […]

A Hymn for Ordinary Time (12): Praise to the Lord, the Almighty

By Chaplain Mike One of Bach’s cantatas for Trinity 12 takes a different form. Cantata BWV 137 creates variations on the five verses of Joachim Neander’s great hymn, “Lobe den Herren, den mächtigen König der Ehren,” which English hymn singers know as, “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty.” This happens to be one of my […]

“The Looming Tower” on 9/11’s Aftermath

By Chaplain Mike One way I thought about the tenth anniversary of 9/11 this week was to read Lawrence Wright’s Pulitzer Prize winning book, The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11. I hope to do a review tomorrow; for today, I offer a few thought-provoking quotes for your consideration and discussion. I want […]

iMonk Classic: Michael Spencer’s Early Response to 9/11

UPDATE: We have had some good lively discussion so far. But I would like to remind us that the point of this post is NOT so much to analyze what Michael thought in the days following 9/11, but rather to use his thoughts as a prompt to help us remember what WE thought and felt. […]

In Love’s Service Only Wounded Soldiers Can Serve: A New Yorker’s Reflections on 9/11

Guest Post by R-J Heijmen Note from CM: Mockingbird is one of the finest, most interesting blogs you will read on the web right now. Their ministry is located in Charlottesville, VA, but for the first three years of operations, their offices were at Calvary Episcopal Church in New York City. As I was thinking […]

I Still Struggle to Speak of 9/11

By Chaplain Mike On Tuesday morning, September 11, 2001, I ate breakfast with the pastor with whom I used to work as an associate. We met at our favorite restaurant, the one we used to joke about as a “second office” for people in our church. When I was on the church staff, it was […]

9/11 — Reflections on Disappointing Reactions

Note from CM: Regular iMonk readers will recognize the voice of Eagle, one of the faithful members of our online discussion community. Eagle says he is an agnostic, and he has certainly been through the wringer when it comes to negative experiences with religious types, including the “fundagelicals.” We love having him here. He keeps […]

How Did 9/11 Affect Christian Faith in the U.S.?

By Chaplain Mike As the tenth anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001 approaches, I have been reading articles that discuss how this event has affected the church and people of faith in the U.S. What do you think? In general, do you think there have been any significant changes in perspective about the faith here in […]