April 27, 2015

About Chaplain Mike

Chaplain Mike works with a hospice organization in central Indiana. He has been in pastoral ministry since 1978, serving in churches in Maryland, Vermont, Illinois, and Indiana before moving into chaplaincy work. He is married to a wonderful gifted wife, Gail, and they have four children and three grandchildren. He thinks baseball is the greatest game ever invented, suffers annually as a Chicago Cubs fan, and is looking forward to putting on a cap again this spring to coach his grandson's Little League team. He loves a wide variety of music, spends way too much money on books, is happy to live in a place where there are four seasons, and is a "true believer" in Apple computers, having used them since 1988. Luther is his favorite theologian, Bach his favorite composer, James Taylor his favorite singer-songwriter, Chicago his favorite city, and hiking his favorite form of exercise. He would love to do more with photography and dreams of having a place in the mountains of Arizona some day. His heart has been captured by the grace of God in Jesus Christ and considers himself a post-evangelical disciple seeking a Jesus-shaped life and hoping to help the church do the same. He is forever grateful to his friend, Michael Spencer, for giving him an opportunity to write for Internet Monk.

Daniel Jepsen on Newt Gingrich, the Religious Right, and Rank Hypocrisy

NOTE FROM CM: Oh boy, another presidential election year is upon us in the good ol’ US of A! Here at Internet Monk, we don’t usually talk much about politics. It was the Apostle Paul who warned us, “Avoid the profane chatter and contradictions of what is falsely called knowledge…” (1Tim 6:20). It seems to […]

Ben Witherington on Bad Protestant Ecclesiology

In his New Year’s Day post, Ben Witherington puts his finger on one of the matters that soured me on evangelicalism. Long a theological question in my mind, it became a personal and vocational issue for me when I served in my last position as a minister in a local congregation. Witherington’s piece is about […]

The Violin Guild, by N.T. Wright

To begin the new year, a story from Tom Wright to get us all thinking…   See John 10:22-42. Video created by five staff members from Calvary Church, Santa Ana, CA.

On the Post-Evangelical Path

Out of the wilderness; onto a path — this is a summary of my spiritual/theological experience in 2011. As Antonio Machado wrote, “The way is made by walking,” and I guess I’ve just kept walking through the wilderness long enough that eventually a path appeared. That path remains before me, its direction and character unknown. […]

I Simply Remember My Favorite Things (2011)

Today, we feature another end of the year retrospective. In this one I list some of my favorite posts from 2011, the ones I enjoyed writing and discussing most. In the process, I’m able to touch on other “favorites” during the year — books, movies, etc. Again, much thanks is due you, our iMonk audience, […]

The Most Discussed Posts on IM in 2011

I have said it before and will keep on saying it because I’ve learned I can count on our faithful IM community: YOU make Internet Monk the great conversation that it has become. We had 17 posts that generated over 200 comments each this year. Of course, not every post gets that much discussion. Some […]

Frederick Buechner: “Christmas Itself Is by Grace”

Some writers take my breath away. Whenever I read Frederick Buechner, I can’t stop gasping for air. Buechner is simply one of our best American authors. You can see his biography HERE, at the Buechner Institute’s website. Born in 1926, young Frederick experienced a tragic and profoundly formative event when his father committed suicide. After […]

David Lose on “The Absurdity of Christmas”

David Lose holds The Marbury E. Anderson Chair in Biblical Preaching at Luther Seminary, where he also serves as the Director of the Center for Biblical Preaching. David led the creative team that developed Working Preacher, one of my favorite resources on the Internet. There he writes a weekly column on the upcoming lectionary texts. He […]

Missing Church

I confess: we missed going to church yesterday on Christmas. Despite my strong opinions that churches should have services on Christmas whether it falls on Sunday or not, and that when it is on a Sunday churches should not cancel services, we didn’t make it yesterday. We had the best intentions and planned to go […]

Christmas Day

Nativity of Our Lord — Christmas Day December 25, 2011 Isaiah 62:6-12 Psalm 97 Titus 3:4-7 Luke 2:1-20 Prayer of the Day All-powerful and unseen God, the coming of your light into our world has brightened weary hearts with peace. Call us out of darkness, and empower us to proclaim the birth of your Son, […]