November 26, 2015

And in this Ring…

Ed and Lisa Young, founders of Texas-based Fellowship Church, will spend 24 hours in bed on the church roof next week and stream themselves live on the Internet to encourage married couples to see firsthand the power of a healthy sex life as prescribed in their new book, Sexperiment.

Two days after their book, Sexperiment: 7 Days to Lasting Intimacy with Your Spouse, is released Tuesday, the Youngs will take part in a 24-hour “bed-in,” which will be streamed on the book’s website as they engage the audience on issues related to intimacy in marriage.

The book encourages married couples to have sex for seven straight days – a challenge that made headlines in 2008 when Pastor Young first introduced it to his church – with the promise that the “amazing results” will last far beyond the week.

“Tragically, culture has kicked the bed out of church and God out of the bed,” says Ed Young, who has been “happily married” to Lisa for almost 30 years. “It’s time to bring God back in the bed and put the bed back in the church. That’s what this bed-in is all about.”

• From Christian Post


  1. I read this and I think of every person who complains that the media portrays Christians in a bad light, or that there is a war on Christianity. No, I think we are strangling ourselves slowly and painfully.

  2. Christiane says:

    Yikes . . . another couple trying to get on the attention bandwagon of Driscoll and his wife . . .

    TOO MUCH !

  3. Donegal Misfortune says:

    How is it that there are pastors in across this fruited plain that seem to be working on the same project at the same time and the resulting books all come out within weeks of each other. First everyone was a worship style expert; then came the church growth experts; then came “doing life” as if somehow everyone magically realized there are other people in the church; now every pastor is a sexpert?

  4. Call us out of date, but our church roof only has a steeple.

  5. Why is the concept of having sex every day so novel? My husband and I figured that one out on our own! (and yes, it works, but it wasn’t Ed’s idea)