July 22, 2018

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Poetry Week: Morning Three – Chaplain Mike

Ecclesiastes 61 On my birthday With Ford and Howard, Boyer, Kubek Richardson, and Skowron, Berra, Mantle, Maris in the field the boys of summer ’61 were powerful and glamorous, unrivaled in the thrills that they could yield. A five year-old lefty I was then When Roger broke the unbreakable mark and somehow opened an unseen […]

Poetry Week: Midday Two – Chaplain Mike

❀ Emmaus By Michael Mercer road taken friend welcomed hearts broken grief spoken word opened then home guest summoned meal proffered grace offered bread broken eyes opened christ known

Poetry Week: Morning Two – Christina Rossetti

Note from CM: We feature two Easter poems today. The first is by one of my favorite devotional poets, Christina Rossetti. We featured her during Advent in 2014, and today we offer one of her delightful Easter carols. As in her Advent poems, which mirrored the “bleak midwinter” climate in which she lived, so too her Easter poetry […]

Poetry Week: Midday One – Damaris Zehner

The End of the Anthropocene By Damaris Zehner Picture a car, speeding along a highway in the morning. A voice on the radio is gabbling about some crisis. The driver’s cell phone is on, lying on the console next to her; She’s shouting at someone. In her hand is fast food, Wrapped in greasy yellow […]

Poetry Week: Morning One – Damaris Zehner

Note from CM: I know this may not draw as many comments as some of our regular discussion posts, but I have wanted to have a “Poetry Week” here for a long time. So this will be the week. Each day, we will publish two poems, one just after midnight, the other after noon. Hopefully, this will […]