August 17, 2018

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A Guest Homily on the Second Chapter of James

Introductory Note:  Father Hollowell is pastor of two Catholic parishes in western Indiana, one of which I attend.  He delivered this homily recently, and I asked him to submit it to Internet Monk as a gentle statement of the relationship between faith and works – a heated issue in the Christian world in general, even […]

Saturday Ramblings: September 20, 2015

It is the final weekend of the summer, and time for one last summer ramble. Ready? This is the kind of weekend the boys of summer love. And this year, it even includes Chicago Cubs fans like me! The Cubs are in the best division in baseball and holding their own. This past week they […]

A time for theology

I am not a professional theologian. Never have been, never will be. I am a Christian who practices my faith in the Lutheran tradition. I am a minister of the gospel and, by specific vocation, a chaplain who serves the dying and their families. I have also served as a parish minister, a setting in […]

The joy of humans at play

Theology Week Part 4: The joy of humans at play Previous posts: Part 1: Some problems with “theology” itself Part 2: Premises of a “bodily” theology Part 3: The God, not of foundations but of new things • • • I was with him as someone he could trust. For me, every day was pure delight, […]

William Stacy Johnson: The God, not of foundations but of new things

Theology Week Part 3: The God, not of foundations but of new things Previous posts: Part 1: Some problems with “theology” itself Part 2: Premises of a “bodily” theology • • • It is time that we recognized this foundationalist way of thinking for what it is. In its Christian guise, it represents not the […]

Luke Timothy Johnson: Premises of a “Bodily” Theology

Theology Week Part 2: Premises of a “Bodily” Theology Previous posts: Part 1: Some problems with “theology” itself • • • Today I will simply reproduce an excerpt from Luke Timothy Johnson’s new book, The Revelatory Body: Theology as Inductive Art, in order that we might see his premises and discuss them. This is from the […]

Theology Week at IM: Some problems with “theology” itself

Theology Week at IM Part 1: Some problems with “theology” itself I would like to spend some time following up on yesterday’s “Sundays with Michael Spencer” post on theology. Michael’s original post which I excerpted was called “I Hate Theology,” and he specified what he meant when making that striking remark: “I hate what I see theology […]

Sundays with Michael Spencer: September 13, 2015 (+Wilco!)

Whenever you are ready, I’d like to tour the dark side of this thing we call theology. I have high hopes that, once we emerge on the other side, we may be better theologians for having confronted some aspects of theology its promoters usually ignore. I hate theology when it’s without humility. Theology and humility. […]

Saturday Ramblings: September 12, 2015

If we can get this old Rambler jump-started, we’ll be off and running in this late summer edition. There, I think we got it. Ready to ramble? • • • Here are a couple of family pictures from our Labor Day weekend gathering at Cumberland Falls, Kentucky to celebrate my parents’ 60th wedding anniversary. No, they really […]

Sept. 11 Special: Interview with Charles Featherstone

Note from CM: I first met Charles Featherstone over a cup of coffee at Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago a couple of years ago. Even in our brief interaction, I was intrigued by him and the story of his wilderness journey. I learned only a small portion of it then, but now that Charles […]