July 23, 2018

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iMonk Classic: Death: The Road that Must Be Traveled

  Note from CM: This week, as we commemorate Michael Spencer’s passing five years ago, we thank God for the hope of eternal life and hear this reminder from Michael: “…the Christian does not see death as the triumph of death, but as the giving way of death to life. In the final moments, this […]

What Michael continues to teach me about the one holy, catholic, and apostolic church

I believe in one holy, catholic, and apostolic church, but regret that it doesn’t exist. • William Temple • • • Michael Spencer has been one of my best, most reliable guides in the post-evangelical life I now live. I find it ironic that, at this stage of my life, our experiences of church mirror each other. […]

Some good Michael Spencer quotes — 2004-2009

2004 — What about the day after the party? I think it’s provable again and again that what we are comfortable saying to an unbeliever, we aren’t comfortable saying to a Christian. The Gospel is for Christians, too. We love the story of the Prodigal son. Now, what about the day after the party? What if the […]

Hearing iMonk: (1) Embracing the Church on the Corner

One of the treasures we have not tapped much in the past few years since Michael died has been his podcast ministry. If you go through the archives, you will find posts that offer those podcasts, but the links no longer work. I am trying to get all the podcasts I can find into one location […]

The “Realest” Michael Spencer (Jeff Dunn)

One of my biggest regrets was not meeting Michael Spencer in person. I was his literary agent and, like many of my clients, he communicated with me via email and phone. We never were in the same state together, let alone the same room. I first got to know Michael in 2008. I came across […]

Easter Sunday 2015: “God’s future has arrived in the present” (N.T. Wright)

If Easter makes any sense at all, it makes sense within something much more like the classic Jewish worldview…: heaven and earth are neither the same thing, nor a long way removed from one another, but they overlap and interlock mysteriously in a number of ways; and the God who made both heaven and earth […]

Holy Week 2015: “Amazing grace, it reached as far as me” (Daniel Jepsen)

Note from Dan: The chorus after verse 4 is not original.  The poem can be sung to the tune of Londonderry Air. That tune has been used for a wide variety of songs, including Danny Boy, and the beautiful hymn, I Cannot Tell. • • • When time was young, and glory filled the garden, The […]

Holy Week 2015: Long Barren (Christina Rossetti)

Thou who didst hang upon a barren tree, My God, for me; Though I till now be barren, now at length, Lord, give me strength To bring forth fruit to Thee. Thou who didst bear for me the crown of thorn, Spitting and scorn; Though I till now have put forth thorns, yet now Strengthen […]

Holy Week 2015: A Call to Greater Remembrance (Mike Bell)

Over the past several years I have read through the Gospel of Mark many times as I have been working through editing Michael Spencer’s commentary.  (For those who have been eagerly awaiting this, I am afraid it has been slow going.)  One thing that strikes me as being of particular interest each time I read […]

Holy Week 2015: The Coup, the Queen, and the Resurrection (Damaris Zehner)

This is a good year:  Orthodox Pascha and Catholic Easter are on different days, so I can go to both liturgies.  My daughters and I, though not Orthodox, love the marathon of song, prayer, procession, and candlelight that begins on Holy Saturday and continues until the small hours on Sunday.  We also love the three-in-the-morning […]