July 19, 2018

Archives for March 2015

Fundamentalist Toxicity

Fundamentalism is a problem, no matter what kind it is. Aurora Dagny (a pseudonym) has written an article for The McGill Daily called, “Everything is problematic,” in which she tells her story about her involvement in radical leftist political groups and how she eventually escaped their unhealthy influence. “There is something dark and vaguely cultish about […]

Forget “engaging the culture”

Yesterday I read an article called, 3 Ways Christians Will Address Cultural Issues in the Coming Years, by Ed Stetzer. Stetzer is one of those people who sits above the vault of the earth and keeps his eyes on the big picture, on trends. He’s a culture-watcher, a pundit. And few voices are stronger in our […]

Music Monday: Top Songs for Lent

One of the best resources on the web for pastors, church musicians, and worship leaders is the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship. In their Resource Library, I found a page on which four church leaders listed their top ten songs for the Lenten season. You can go to the site and read more about each […]

Sundays with Michael Spencer: March 8, 2015

Note from CM: In 2015 we will mark five years since the death of Michael Spencer, the Internet Monk. Today, we continue our “Sundays with Michael” series with an excerpt from a post that was originally published in February 2005. • • • I don’t believe in inerrancy, a view of how scripture is inspired that means […]

Saturday Ramblings, March 7, 2015

Hello, imonks, and welcome to the weekend.  Let’s get ready to rraaaaaaaammmmmmbbbbblllllleeeeee…… The American Kennel Club has released its annual dog popularity ratings.  For the 24th year in a row, the Labrador Retriever tops the list.  Here are the top five (full list here). Labrador Retriever German Shepherd Golden Retriever Bulldog Beagle Wait, what? Bulldog? […]

Into the Wilderness…

I left a good church last month. It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Why do I call it good? It was full of people whose hearts were in the right place. The leadership was comprised of quality individuals. It was a church that wasn’t satisfied with the status […]

Mea Culpa: Andy Stanley’s “Temple” Model

I spoke too soon. Like often happens, I heard something and filtered it through my own learning and experience. Then I responded to what I thought I heard. That is bad listening, something I abhor. Mea culpa. Yesterday, in our open forum, the subject of Andy Stanley’s “temple model” came up. A commenter referenced this article and […]

Open Forum: March 4, 2015

I’ve been working my fool head off this week, and simply don’t have time or sense enough to come up with a post today. That means the table is yours, my friends. Today, it’s Open Forum on Internet Monk. The rules are: Use common sense. Follow the law of love. Know when to hold ’em […]

Lent with Walter White

In case you suspect that I’ve been distracted lately, it’s because I have been living in the Old Testament. Old Testament Albuquerque, that is. I just finished binge-watching Breaking Bad, an act of self-flagellation worthy of the most rigorous Lenten discipline. I’ve known about the show, and had heard about its magnificent writing and performances and its […]

Music Monday: Music for Daily Prayer

Today on Music Monday we feature music for daily prayer by Margaret Rizza. The album is called, Officium Divinum, and it is performed by the Convivium Singers under the direction of Eamonn Dougan. It was recorded at Portsmouth Cathedral and many of the pieces were accompanied by David Price on organ. Rizza is an English composer of […]