August 17, 2018

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A shepherd’s ambiguous apologetic

I confess. I have no apologetic. There is no defending God. There is no proving his way is right. To do so would require that I understand God, that I can substantiate the claims of truth my faith calls me to hold. I can explain what I believe well enough. I can demonstrate to a […]

Tokah’s Journey

Note from CM: Tokah is a friend. She has been a faithful reader and commenter here on IM for several years, and we’ve had the chance to meet and enjoy a meal together. Tokah has a unique life-perspective that has enriched this blog, from her participation in an Orthodox congregation to her physical challenges. A […]

IM Book Review: Disarming Scripture

Disarming Scripture: Cherry-Picking Liberals, Violence-Loving Conservatives, and Why We All Need to Learn to Read the Bible Like Jesus Did Derek Flood Metanoia Books (2014) • • • Note from CM: This book review is part of a “blog tour” to which the author invited me. Occasionally, publishers will send me books or authors will […]

iMonk Classic: Letters to Santa

Note from CM: Saturday was the observance of St. Nicholas Day. Nicholas was born in the third century in what is now southern Turkey. He dedicated his life to serving God and was made Bishop of Myra while still a young man. Bishop Nicholas became known throughout the land for his generosity to those in need, his […]

Advent with Christina Rossetti (2)

Friday was Christina Rossetti’s birthday. She was born December 5, 1830. During this Advent season we are considering some of her seasonal poems, using them as material for meditation and contemplation as we prepare for celebrating the birth of Christ. The following excerpt from Rossetti’s biographical page at The Poetry Foundation explains her religious affiliation […]

Saturday Ramblings: Dec 6, 2014

Saturday Ramblings, December 6, 2014 About 15 degrees cooler, and I would be writing you from a winter wonderland. Here in central Indiana on Friday we were expecting 1″-2″ of rain and there were flood warnings throughout the region. No sleigh rides for a while, I’m afraid. We don’t even like taking the Rambler out […]


Discuss. Update: Only a few have commented on the word “Abiguity”. I am interested in hearing what people might think about why I used that word.

“10 Words” from the OT that guide my journey

Let me mention Peter Enns once more this week. A couple of days ago he ran a stimulating post called 10 Old Testament passages that shape how I think about God. It’s good stuff, and I wholeheartedly encourage you to read it. Well, that got me thinking about what I might put on a list […]

Fundamental mistakes in reading Genesis 1-2

Many of the debates people have about Genesis 1-2 and creation stay on a rhetorical level: “literal” vs. “metaphorical,” “historical” vs. “mythic,” concordant with modern science or representing Ancient Near East cosmology, and so on. Today I’d like to bypass all of that and look at a few interpretive issues in the text itself that […]

Damaris Zehner: The Perspicuity of Scripture? Hmm.

The Perspicuity of Scripture?  Hmm. By Damaris Zehner I teach English at a community college campus in rural Indiana.  This semester I have a remedial reading and writing class, required for those students who did not score high enough to take freshman composition.  At one extreme are the students who are competent but bad at […]