August 18, 2018

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Slow Church Week 4: The Overflowing Church

Slow Church Week 4 The Overflowing Church Love is never abstract. It does not adhere to the universe or the planet or the nation or the institution or the profession, but to the singular sparrows of the street, the lilies of the field, “the least of these my brethren.” – Wendell Berry What Are People […]

Slow Church Week 3: The Contemplative Church

Slow Church Week 3 The Contemplative Church Wonder is the only adequate launching pad for exploring a spirituality of creation, keeping us open-eyed, expectant, alive to life that is always more than we can account for, that always exceeds our calculations, that is always beyond anything we can make. – Eugene Peterson Christ Plays in […]

Slow Church Week 2: The Neighborhood Church

Slow Church Week 2 The Neighborhood Church The ways employed in our North American culture are conspicuously impersonal: programs, organizations, techniques, general guidelines, information detached from place. In matters of ways and means, the vocabulary of numbers is preferred over names, ideologies crowd out ideas, the gray fog of abstraction absorbs the sharp particularities of […]

Slow Church Week 1: The Convivial Church

SLOW CHURCH WEEK 1 The Convivial Church Before this strange disease of modern life, With its sick hurry, its divided aims, Its heads o’ertax’d, its palsied hearts… – Matthew Arnold * * * In their revelatory new book, Slow Church, Chris Smith and John Pattison reflect upon the following important words from the beginning of […]

Saturday Ramblings, June 7, 2014

Mormon shoulder wars, Left-Behind trailers, and road trips with a corpse: Welcome to the weekend, fellow imonkers. First, some sports news.  The Evil Empire lost the first game of the NBA finals Thursday night in San Antonio.  The big news of the game was that the AC in the arena went out, and courtside temps […]

Items on the List

We encounter people throughout our days and, instead of being people with hopes and dreams, despair and failures, they become items on the list… – Craig Gross I want to tell the stories this week of six of my friends. Four became Christians. Two have not. So many of your comments this past week speak […]

iMonk Classic: Leaving Behind the Church-Shaped Life

Since it has been a rather post-evangelical week here on Internet Monk, I think it only fitting that the last words I contribute to the subject, before turning things over to Mike Bell tomorrow, come from Michael Spencer. The following is an excerpt from Michael’s book, Mere Churchianity: Finding Your Way Back to Jesus-Shaped Spirituality […]

The Pressure to Produce Results

Note from CM: Today’s post is from our friend Adam Palmer, who has written a new book with Craig Gross coming out in August, called Go Small: Because God Doesn’t Care About Your Status, Size, or Success. This book is an encouragement to ditch the evangelical church world’s “success” mentality and simply do the thing […]

Wretched Enthusiasm

It felt so big to you, that fire in your heart. It filled your body, gave you a sort of buoyancy and belonging. A sense of purpose. . . . The God-fire grew big and hot and wild, and your whole world began to glow with it. It raged in your heart, and before you […]

Wilderness Update: Square Peg Syndrome

Wilderness Update from Chaplain Mike – June 2, 2014 It is no secret that I have long struggled with church. Since leaving congregational ministry over nine years ago, I have been in the wilderness when it comes to having a church home and getting involved deeply in a congregation. After trying a few paths which […]