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Saturday Ramblings, June 21, 2014

Welcome to the weekend, fellow imonkers. First, some sports. The sound you heard Sunday night was the sound of all the land (except South Florida) rejoicing as the Evil Empire was destroyed like an exploding death star. That’s right, the San Antonio Spurs took down the Miami Heat in five games in the NBA finals. […]

Thoughts on Faith and Doubt (while camping)

This week I started planning my yearly camping trip. Every year, at the end of August, I gather together family and friends and we depart on a wilderness canoe trip. I have been trekking into this one particular lake since I was three years old. Here are some memories from a previous year’s adventure: The […]

Lisa Dye: The Fruitfulness of Contingency

The Fruitfulness of Contingency by Lisa Dye “Christ is contingency … faith in God is, finally, faith in change.” – Christian Wiman * * * Recently, on a sunny Saturday morning … the kind that sparkles and makes you feel happy to be alive … I gathered the strawberries and rhubarb growing in my garden […]

Damaris Zehner: What a Difference an “S” Makes

What a Difference an “S” Makes by Damaris Zehner There’s a phrase that strikes me whenever I hear it.  It appears every week in the Orthodox liturgy and occasionally in the Catholic one:  it is “Father of lights,” as in “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father […]

Miguel Ruiz: God Has a “Wonderful Plan” for Your Death

God Has a “Wonderful Plan” for Your Death by Miguel Ruiz If I hear this one more time, I swear I’m gonna snap. “God has a plan.” Wonderful. And I almost thought that, maybe for just a moment, there was a lapse in omnipotence. Of course He has everything under control! That’s the problem: I’m […]

Adam McHugh, Official IM Wine Theologian: Blood from a Stone

Note from CM: Internet Monk now has something no other blog has, to my knowledge: our own official Wine Theologian. That’s right, we have given this title to our friend Adam McHugh, who will write regularly on the subject for us (word has it he may branch out to cover beer for us as well, […]

iMonk Classic: The Coffeehouse

Originally posted in July 2006 Skip Towne opened the door to his office and sat down to check his voice mail. Skip had been youth minister at Central Baptist Church for four years. As associate minister for youth at a large, traditional Baptist church, his life was always busy. Three services on Sunday, visitation on […]

Saturday Ramblings – June 14, 2014

Hello friends and happy Saturday. Chaplain Mike here. For once I’ve dragged my lazy butt out of bed on a Saturday morning to be with you all. I’ve enjoyed writing about the Slow Church book this week, but today I’m ready to spread my wings and ramble. Our regular Rambler, the renowned Pastor Dan, is […]

Thoughts on Election Night

We interrupt our regular programming with a dispatch from our resident Canadian reporter, Mike Bell, who gives us his thoughts on the Provincial Election in Ontario Canada… I voted tonight. Why tonight? Well in Canada, while many jurisdictions have fixed election date legislation in place, there are multiple parties that can win seats, and so […]

Slow Church Week 5: The Church of Word and Table

Slow Church Week 5 The Church of Word and Table Christian practice in matters of spiritual formation goes badly astray when it attempts to construct or organize ways of spirituality apart from the ordinariness of life. And there is nothing more ordinary than a meal. Abstract principles — the mainstay of so much of what […]