July 16, 2018

Archives for April 2014

“Slow Church” Article & Book Excerpt

Chris Smith and friends are hosting the Slow Church Conference here in Indy this week, and I know at least one faithful Internet Monk reader who will be attending. I hope to catch up with David, author of yesterday’s post, for some conversation on Saturday. At any rate, Chris’s book will be coming out this […]

Open Forum – April 2, 2014

The other day we invited everyone to the table here at iMonk and set down some simple guidelines for interaction. Today we’ll give you room to have your own conversations. An Open Forum means you get to talk about what is interesting you at the moment. This is your chance to get together with others […]

David Cornwell: Why Christians Have Children

Moving beyond the obvious, have you given serious thought as to why we have children? What difference does it make that we are Christian? Did you and your spouse discuss this ahead of time? What part in your decision did, or will, the Church make?  Does your specific church have any teachings about this, and […]