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Saturday Ramblings, April 12, 2014

Happy Saturday, imonkers.  It finally feels a little like spring in the Midwest.  And, good news for Chaplain Mike, as of Friday afternoon the Cubbies are only four games out of first place! Did you know there is a new documentary promoting geocentrism? Star Trek’s Captain Kathryn Janeway (aka Kate Mulgrew) narrates it, and it features […]

Isn’t It Hard?

Mouths move without vision — without regard for consequences Eyes fill with memories poisoned by intimate knowledge of failure to love Sometimes, sometimes, doesn’t the light seem to move so far away? You help your sisters, you help your old lovers, you help me but who do you cry to? ‘Cause isn’t it hard To […]

iMonk Classic: I’m Right on This One

Now we come to something very important. The constant emphasis on the victorious life or the good Christian life is the Antichrist as it pertains to the gospel. Here’s why. If I am _________ (fill in your favorite victorious-life terminology), then will I be in a position to be grateful for what Jesus did when […]

iMonk Classic: In the End God Knows Us

Our brother, Michael Spencer joined the church triumphant on April 5, 2010, and was laid to rest on April 10, 2010. Today and tomorrow we feature special posts to honor him. * * * But now that you have come to know God, or rather to be known by God… – Galatians 4:9a, ESV I’ve […]

Disgust Psychology in the Church

Yesterday, we were talking about Richard Beck’s book, Unclean: Meditations on Purity, Hospitality, and Mortality. In the comments I promised I would give some real-life instances of how I’ve seen the “psychology of disgust” play out in Christian communities. Let me reset the theme by quoting something Beck writes early in the book: I was […]

Why “Hate the Sin/Love the Sinner” Doesn’t Work

  Go and learn what this means, “I desire mercy, not sacrifice.” – Matthew 9:13 Mercy and sacrifice reliably come into conflict due to the reciprocal nature of love and disgust, the psychological dynamics governing exclusion and embrace. Consequently, the church cannot sidestep the tensions in Matthew 9 as a mere logical error or false […]

What Was a “Pharisee”? (and what might it mean to act like one?)

UPDATE: I edited the post by adding a paragraph near the end of the post. It begins with the words, “That is not to say they all acted with equal zeal…” [11:10 am] * * * N.T. Wright notes that “Paul stands where three great roads converge.” Beginning with chapter two of Paul and the Faithfulness […]

Saturday Ramblings, April 5, 2014

Happy April, imonkers.  Tuesday was April Fool’s Day.  Did you pull any pranks?  Have any pulled on you?  Do share in the comments. Make them up if you have to. I have a friend who calls April 1 the Atheist Holiday (referencing Psalm 14:1) but I find this extremely uncharitable.  But did you know how […]

What Hill Are You Willing To Die On?

Thanks for a good discussion. Comments now closed. Since I wrote last week about the World Vision decisions on their hiring policy, a number of writers have contributed their thoughts to the issue. One post by Tony Campolo generated an interesting bit of discussion on facebook among a couple of my friends. Tony wrote: I […]

Damaris Zehner: Why I Garden

Why I Garden Damaris Zehner What force is it that every year pushes upward from the pod, believing in foliage, flower, and fruit, believing that this year perfection will be reached? I’m not stupid. I can remember that every August my vegetables sprawl on the ground, faint with fecundity and offended by the mob that […]