September 19, 2018

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My Response to Mayor Rob Ford

By now you have probably heard of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.  For those who haven’t, let me give you a quick time line. In November of 2010 Rob Ford was elected as Mayor of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  He was elected as a “cost cutting” mayor, someone who would bring fiscal sense to a city whose […]

kyle on “sexy christianity”

Each generation has its version of “sexy Christianity.” Kyle Donn has issued a thoughtful warning about the current style, the rage of his own generation, in this post on the subject. Kyle’s “About” page reflects the ethos of today’s young believers: my name is kyle. i want to change the world. for jesus. Note the […]

Trashing a Treasure

On the nature, worth, provenance, and cessation of New Testament tongues, much is obscure and must remain so. Various interpretations on key points are viable, and perhaps the worst error in handling the relevant passages is to claim or insinuate that perfect clarity or certainty marks one’s own view. The texts (Acts 2:4-11; 10:46; 11:17; […]

Simply Living

A man knows when he has found his vocation when he stops thinking about how to live and begins to live. – Thomas Merton Thoughts In Solitude * * * Most of my life, I’ve been waiting to live. The pattern has been like this: seasons of thinking about what it means to live and waiting […]

Writers’ Roundtable—Salvation

There is a chill in the air, the leaves are falling, the days are shorter … and there is a sudden gathering of iMonks at my kitchen table. Somehow they think I have leftover Halloween candy. What a surprise for them to learn all I have are some Dum-Dums and Smarties, plus some floss the […]

The Perils of Wisdom

Here is the conclusion to the lesson I taught Sunday to the adult class at church. We looked at the Wisdom Psalms, those psalms that are didactic, admonishing believers to walk in God’s ways. There is, of course, a variety of wisdom literature in the Hebrew Bible, including entire books, such as Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and […]

The Pastor: Tasks, Titles, and Texts

As a part of my studies toward ordination, I have been reading Gordon W. Lathrop’s fine meditation on the ministerial life: The Pastor: A Spirituality. Lathrop states that he hopes his book will provide “a moment of deliberate delight in the central matters of Christian ministry.” Indeed, I have found it to be so. For […]

The Homily

“I set my people free. I will come to Mount Zion. I will come to those in Jacob’s family who turn away from their sins,” announces the Lord. (Isaiah 59:20, NIRV) Then Zacharias, his father, filled with the Holy Spirit and speaking like a prophet, said, “Blessings on the Lord, the God of Israel, because he […]

Saturday Ramblings 11.2.13

Greetings, my sugar-amped iMonks. As you sneak another Snickers bar from your kids’ trick-or-treat bag, why don’t we discuss the sin of gluttony? Or the greater sin of you not sending me a big bag of Snickers. (Jeff Dunn, Tulsa, Oklahoma) Wait! Belay that bag of Snickers. I am trying to lose weight. And I’ve […]

The Feast of All Saints

We’ve finally arrived at the end of October when Hallowe’en is upon us, though it seems to have morphed into a month-long festival – the same way that Christmas gets earlier and earlier in the year, now Hallowe’en seems to be the next candidate for increasing commercialization. Leaving all that behind, thankfully, with the attendant […]