July 22, 2018

Archives for October 2013

Facing Aging

The way of the righteous is like morning light that gets brighter and brighter till it is full day. – Proverbs 4:18 (CEB) Remember your creator in your prime,     before the days of trouble arrive,     and those years, about which you’ll say, “I take no pleasure in these”—     before the sun and the […]

Adam McHugh: A Tale of Two Roads

Note from CM: I am so happy to announce that Adam McHugh will be writing a regular monthly post for us here at Internet Monk. Adam has been published in The Christian Century, The Washington Post, Leadership Journal, RELEVANT Magazine, Psychology Today, and Conversations Journal, as well as in other publications and websites. He is obviously […]

Adding Our Two Cents’ Worth

I had two things on my calendar yesterday besides my normal work day responsibilities: one was a dentist appointment and the other a church council (board) meeting. My visit to the dentist was just a cleaning and check-up (hallelujah). The council meeting involved dealing with our church budget for 2014. I’ll tell you right from […]

iMonk Classic: Keep Going

A classic Michael Spencer post from October 2009. More self-indulgent thoughts on my life. Skip if that annoys you. In the middle of this week, I heard some seriously bad health news about a good friend. Yesterday, I had to turn down an opportunity I really wanted to accept. Last night, I got a confusing […]

Chris Smith: Barbarians at the Gate?

Note from CM: It is my pleasure to welcome Chris Smith again, with another thoughtful article about how the ethos of life in a technological, mobile, fast-paced society is diminishing our ability to relate well with others. This piece was first posted on his blog, Slow Church. I’m eagerly awaiting his upcoming book of the […]

The Homily

I have found myself starting most days by reading the homily delivered by Pope Francis during his daily Mass. This week he had this to say. Are you able to find the Word of God in the history of each day, or do your ideas so govern you that you do not allow the Lord […]

Saturday Ramblings 10.12.13

Take a look at the date today. What number is missing? Eleven? Ah, but it’s college football Saturday. And how many men are there per side in football? That’s right—eleven. So can we say today is 10 (11) 12 13? Sure we can. Because we know just how important numbers are to being a Christian, […]

I am called a “Christian”

One day a vision came my way About a Christian found today A Christian who’s supposed to be caring A Christian who’s supposed to be sharing But instead a man who would knock his brother down Is what I found And he is called a Christian And in accord with his belief He gives his […]

Let’s Discuss: Church and Social Justice Ministries

I encourage you to go and read Ed Stetzer’s piece at CT, “New Research: Protestants Increase Involvement in Social Justice.” Stetzer cites recent research that indicates that Protestant churches in the U.S. are having a growing awareness of and involvement in social justice ministries “aimed at caring for the forgotten, disenfranchised, and oppressed.” I’d like […]

Another Look: Always a Neighbor

First posted in September, 2011 A friend of mine told me of an experience he had recently. He was feeling quite sick one day, and so he went to the clinic for what turned out to be an upper respiratory infection. He couldn’t see the regular doctor, who was booked up, so the office staff […]