September 25, 2018

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The Journey Continues

Editor’s note:  I met Erick as a co-worker in a company where very few self-identified as Christians.  Erick however did.  It can be a difficult journey in our part of Canada.  Here is the latest installment in Erick’s story published this week.  He blogs at:  Sempiternal Being.  He has given me permission to share this […]

iMonk Classic: Christian without the Adjectives

Classic iMonk Post By Michael Spencer From September 11, 2008 I have been reading a novel, and the protagonist is an Italian immigrant, and Catholic. At the end of a long introductory description, it simply said, “…he was a Christian.” Now for some reason this struck me. It’s not that I’m enamored with the word. […]

Losing The War, Part IV: Identifying The Real War

If we are not involved in the Syrian Civil War by the time this essay percolates to the top of the IMonk rotation, I believe it will have been partly due to the fervent prayers of my wife.   She came home from the gymnasium weeping and speaking in tongues aloud.  She is an intransigent Pentecostal […]

The Wolf At The Door

We little pigs build – Walls  of straw or sticks, or of sheetrock and two-by-fours, block us in and the wolf out. The door is so frail A barrier between us and it. The wolf blows and straw scatters, sticks split. Even the brick house crumbles, brought down, if not by wind, then by earthquake […]

Wilderness Update, September 2013

It is decision time. The first Sunday in September was the last day of my summer internship in my home church. This concludes my year of practical and academic work for the ELCA and brings me to a point where I must write a candidacy essay and submit my application for final approval to receive […]

Random Thoughts from the September Grass

Ssssss… Several years ago, our congregation used to take summer mission trips down to the hills of eastern Kentucky, near where our pastor grew up. We worked with a mission, helping with their facilities and doing VBS for them. One of our pastor’s relatives lived near the mission, and he had one of the more […]

The Homily

“I thought you might like these. They were Michael’s.” With that, Denise Spencer handed over a box of books that had belonged to her husband, our founder, Michael Spencer. There were baseball books and books on anger. But the books in the box that made me want to dance were the books by a former […]

Saturday Ramblings 9.7.13

InternetMonk is a labor of love by those who write, edit and maintain these pages. It is because of your generous gifts we can continue to keep the lights on in the iMonastery. I get an email each time someone donates thru PayPal (button to the right of these words), and I am always grateful […]

Fr. Ernesto on the Syria Crisis

Note from CM: This was posted on Aug. 29, 2013 at Fr. Ernesto’s blog, OrthoCuban. He graciously gave permission to reproduce it here. When he wrote me, Fr. Ernesto added this update: Since my original blog post was written, the Eastern Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch and All the East, who lives in Damascus, His Holiness […]

Being the Church

Three and a a half weeks ago my college roommate from nearly 30 years ago went missing. Two weeks later he was found in his vehicle. Suicide. (I have withheld his name for privacy reasons.) I wish I could write a flowery tribute to him. I can’t. I had lost touch with him for many […]