September 24, 2018

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Growing Old

Fourteen years ago, when I was forty, I happened to glance into a mirror.  It was a winter evening, and the room was lit by only a bare bulb.  In the poor light my face for the first time looked old.  “I’m a severe old lady!” I thought, and thus began my mourning. Mourning is […]

Good News for Women — and Men and All Disciples

The Lord answered, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and distracted by many things. One thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the better part. It won’t be taken away from her.” – Luke 10:41-42 CEB This Gospel story provides a brief glimpse into a household setting that must have been common as Jesus traveled around Palestine during […]

The Homily

  But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. (Genesis 6:8, NKJV) Well then, no judgement stands now against those who live in Christ Jesus. (Romans 8:1, Knox) Nothing stirs up dust in these Sunday morning visits like the topic of grace. Getting something for nothing is just so unAmerican. It makes us […]

Saturday Ramblings 7.20.13

It has been a busy week here at the iMonastery. Here is what has not happened. We have not, along with what once was a decent Midwest city, declared bankruptcy. We have not delivered the royal baby. We have not been spying on our fellow iMonks’ email or cell phone calls. And we have not […]

Reconsider Jesus – The First Look at the Family

Today we are going to do something a little different.  Scott Lencke had suggested that for a change of pace, readers might be interested in hearing one of the original audio Bible Studies which are among the sources used for Michael Spencer’s upcoming book: Reconsider Jesus – A fresh look at Jesus from the Gospel […]

Summer Sounds from CM: Dave

Summer would not be summer for my kids without one word: Dave. Oh yeah, and I love Dave and his band too. Dave Matthews Band concerts are an annual rite of summer for them and for many around the country, as throngs turn out to hear amazing live music. DMB is a group that defies […]

As Long as We Approach the Bible This Way, We’re in Trouble

I will confess: I have been away from this kind of thinking for quite awhile now, so whenever I hear a clear example of it, I am almost shocked at how silly it sounds to me at this point in my journey. I saw a post recently by Pastor/Evangelist Greg Laurie with this title: Where […]

On Charles Williams

O Champion General, we your City ascribe to you the victory in gratitude for being rescued from calamity, O Theotokos. But since you have invincible power, free us from all kinds of perils so that we may cry out to you: Rejoice, O Bride unwedded! When he perceived what had secretly been ordered, to the […]

How Not To Be A Disciple

A couple of weeks ago, I read a post on my nephew’s blog that made me rear up and do my best Church Lady impression.  It wasn’t what my nephew said, it was the post he linked to that stoked my ire.  And boy, did my ire get stoked, to the point where my nephew asked to […]

A “Good” Samaritan?

What if I were to stand here this morning, after reading what may be Jesus’ most well known parable, and say, “Jesus does not really want us to be ‘good Samaritans’?” What if I were to tell you that is not exactly the point of his famous story? What if I were to say that […]