August 16, 2018

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Wanted: An Adult Faith in a Youth Culture

It struck me the other day that one of the reasons I have returned to mainline religion is because it’s so, well, adult. Contrary to what I hear around me so often, I want my grandfather’s church. I know, I know… there are characteristics of that old, traditional church that are not desirable: many had […]

iMonk: The Jesus Disconnect (1)

Note from CM: Back in 2009, Michael Spencer some posts exploring what he called, “The Jesus Disconnect.” Here is an edited version of the first post in that series. * * * Nothing has impressed me more in my last few years of writing, reading and discussion than the disconnect the average Christian believer feels from […]

Rachel Hackenberg on Three Types of Churches

On her blog, Faith and Water, Rachel G. Hackenberg has offered an interesting perspective on how to look at the way different churches function: I am increasingly convinced that there are three kinds of churches — three prevailing characters of congregations, carrying implicit theological underpinnings — and that these three church types exist across denominations, […]

Andrew Perriman on “Becoming the Righteousness of God”

Note from CM: One blog I enjoy and learn from regularly is P.OST, Andrew Perriman’s site about “Evangelical theology for the age to come.” Andrew has combined theological studies and writing with pastoral and missional work in a wide range of contexts around the world. I find his writing extraordinarily stimulating. One good place to start to […]

iMonk: The “Real” Prosperity Gospel

Excerpt from a classic Michael Spencer post, September, 2008 * * * The real prosperity gospel isn’t the overt appeal to wealth. It is the more subtle appeal to God guaranteeing that we are going to be happy, and the accompanying pressure to be happy in ways that are acceptable and recognizable to the community […]

The Shepherd-King in the Temple

In the liturgical calendar, today is “Good Shepherd Sunday.” Here are a few exegetical and contextual notes about today’s Gospel text. I love beautiful church buildings. In my own faith journey, my imagination has been captured by the wonder of natural light filtered through stained glass windows, the “lift” felt as one gazes up toward […]

Circus Notes from C.P.

One of my favorite places on the web to find (unintentional) humor is The Christian Post. It is the quintessential source for “news” emerging from the evangelical circus. Here are a few of the headlines and stories they have run recently that have made me laugh, scratch my head, and/or say “What?!”: My favorite headline: […]

Saturday Ramblings 4.20.13

It has been a rough week for us all, iMonks. It’s in times like these I long to retreat to a true monastery and shut out the world. Unfortunately, that is a vocation only a very few are called to. For the rest of us, we must walk in places where bombs and fertilizer factories […]

Our Therapist, Who Art in Heaven

“When God Is Your Therapist” By T. M. Luhrmann Published: April 13, 2013 New York Times * * * I have started reading T.H. Luhrmann’s book, When God Talks Back: Understanding the American Evangelical Relationship with God, and hope to be reviewing it soon. In the meantime, I noticed that she had an op-ed piece […]

CM’s Five for the Road

OK, my friend and colleague Jeff Dunn has upped the ante. In honor of his good friend Don Mann, I can understand why. Back in September of 2010, Jeff and I did dueling “Top Five Albums” posts here on IM (links below). Being the notorious wafflers we are, at that time we had to list […]