July 19, 2018

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Site Update: Thanks for your patience (or, “I don’t like Spam!”)

It is likely that many of you have experienced delays seeing your comments appear in recent days when commenting on Internet Monk. It seems we are going through one of the periodic spam onslaughts that affect us. Please be assured, your comments are not being intentionally held. We do not generally practice active moderation of comments. […]

Fr. Ernesto on Liturgy

Thanks to our dear friend, Fr. Ernesto Obregon for contributing his insights on liturgy from the Orthodox perspective today. I encourage you to read his blog, Orthocuban. * * * Liturgy is not simply what we habitually do It is common to speak of liturgy as though it is little more than what we habitually […]

Opening a Can of Worms: What are the Reformation’s Gains and Losses?

You see by the question mark in the title that I come not opining, but asking because I truly want to know. I’ve shared in a recent essay of my background in various churches that came, not due to purposeful hopping, but rather because I was the child of a broken home and depending on […]

Radical Enough? (part one)

Note: You may want to read the Christianity Today article, “Here Come the Radicals!” by Matthew Lee Anderson in conjunction with Dan’s post. Thanks to Dan for sharing these perspectives with us. Check out his blog at Sliced Soup. * * * A dozen or so years ago, I took my youth group to an […]

The Simple Texts

Yesterday I officiated a funeral. When I met with the wife of the deceased a few days ago to discuss the service, she told me that her husband insisted that Psalm 23 be read at his funeral. When his mother had died, the minister leading the service apparently did not read it — whether out […]

Sex and Power: An Irish Perspective on the Abuse Scandal in the Catholic Church

Exactly a week ago, Chaplain Mike asked me if I had any insights I would like to share on the Catholic sex abuse scandals. I said I’d try and have something in by the end of the week, and I made some preliminary notes. Then I left them sitting there on top of my desk […]

Talk Like a Human Being, Please

Oh my, this is funny. Being “post-evangelical” means moving away from a culture, and cultures have their languages, cliches, and insider ways of communicating. Conforming to these verbal standards marks one as an insider and makes others feel reassured that we’re all on the same team. But after awhile, it can sound so lame. And […]

iMonk: Ten Ways I Have Changed

A classic Michael Spencer post from April, 2008. A friend of mine recently said, “It sure seems that you’ve gone through a lot of phases during your time as a blogger.” I’m sure it seems that way, but most of that is an illusion of the blogging life. The people around me wouldn’t have any […]

Saturday Ramblings 3.2.13

Goodness gracious, iMonks. Do you know what today is? It’s the second day of March. March! As the saying goes, if March comes in like a, um, bear, it will go out like a hamster. Or something like that. March is the time of madness, when brackets are filled in and hair is pulled out. […]

Sex and Power: What’s Up With Sovereign Grace Ministries?

I asked our friend Dee Parsons from The Wartburg Watch for an update on the scandals and troubles besetting the prominent neo-reformed organization Sovereign Grace Ministries (SGM), a network of churches in North America and several countries around the world. TWW does an excellent job advocating on behalf of justice and compassion for victims of churches […]