July 16, 2018

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Difficult Scriptures: The Sermon On The Mount

I saw it coming, just like you sometimes see a car wreck coming. The preacher used the verses in Matthew’s account of Jesus’ most well-known sermon dealing with divorce to talk about marriage. He talked about strengthening our marriages and how important marriage is to God. How the family is the first institute ordained by […]

A Brief Allegory Of The Communion Of Saints

From time to time on Internet Monk a commenter will express discomfort with the Orthodox and Catholic tradition of acknowledging the communion of saints.  Someone will object to “praying to Mary” or “worshipping saints.”  Let me offer a parable in response. Imagine a young woman who meets and falls in love with a man – […]

Swimming The Tiber, Or Just Taking A Quick Dip?

There is an understandable lovefest surrounding the new pope, and not only from Catholics. Anglicans, Orthodox, and evangelical leaders are all praising the new servant of the servants of God. Jewish rabbis are looking forward to stronger relations with the Vatican because of Francis. Even Baptists are cautiously optimistic that this new pope will prove […]

Quitting Christians

I am going to stand in for Chaplain Mike for a few days as he takes a well-deserved breather. I have some observations and questions regarding Catholicism I want to lay out before you the next few days. I thought now, with the installation of Pope Francis, was as good a time as any. But […]

Money and Power: The Elephant in James MacDonald’s Room

NOTE: Thanks to Ryan Mahoney and Scott Bryant for this look at one of the prominent scandals in evangelicalism in recent days. James MacDonald graduated from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in 1988, the same year I did. That year he founded Harvest Bible Chapel in Rolling Meadows, IL. He is also known from his radio […]

Even St. Patrick Struggles to Explain the Trinity

In honor of St. Patrick, we present this bit from Lutheran Satire that is not designed so much to be a knock on St. Patrick as on any attempt to use analogies to “explain” the Trinity. It’s also an overdue apology to Irish snake farmers. Good for a laugh — especially you’ve downed your third […]

Another Look: Is This a Church?

An excerpt from a post by Chaplain Mike, February 2011 My take on what has happened over the course of the last forty years is as follows. In evangelicalism in particular, we have raised a whole generation of Christians who were discipled not so much by traditional local churches as by parachurch ministries and churches that have […]

Commentary by Jesus

From today’s Saturday Ramblings: Andy Stanley met with pastors at some pastors conference in Atlanta. He encouraged them to make their church services “appealing and engaging” in order to keep the customers, er, congregations coming back. Ok, this doesn’t surprise me. Disappoints me, yes. But it doesn’t surprise me. Yet here is the line that really […]

Saturday Ramblings 3.16.13

Well, iMonks, it has been a very interesting week, has it not? We have a new leader of the church. We also have a new pope. Confused? So were those who selected the Final Four bracket. You ought to see the winner they came up with. And tomorrow—well, tomorrow is a day we all celebrate […]

iMonk: Roman Catholicism – An Appreciation

From the classic Michael Spencer post, Yo Ho Ho, A Papist’s Life for Me? NOTE: In honor of the new Pope, we present this portion of an essay by Michael, in which he expresses several reasons why he appreciates the Roman Catholic Church and tradition. Be aware, this was not all he had to say. […]