September 24, 2018

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We Are Far Too Easily Pleased

Second Sunday after Epiphany John 2:1-11 I used to not like weddings very much. They seemed like a lot of trouble, and people tended to overdo them. When we had children at home and lots of things on our plate, it seems that weddings always interrupted other plans and caused upheaval in our routine. Plus, […]

iMonk: “I Have My Doubts”

From Michael Spencer’s classic post, I Have My Doubts * * * I have my doubts. About it all. God. Jesus. Life after death. Heaven. The Bible. Prayer. Miracles. Morality. Everything. “But you are a pastor. A Christian leader.” That’s right, and I am an encyclopedia of doubts. Sometimes it scares me to death. I’m […]

Saturday Ramblings 1.19.13

It’s that time of week once again. Time to do a little sprucing up here at the iMonastery. Many hands make … uh, it easier to play the piano? it necessary for many gloves? There’s a saying in there somewhere, but I just can’t find it. Light work. That’s it. Many hands make light work. […]

iMonk: “What Is the Bible?”

From Michael Spencer’s classic post, A Conversation in God’s Kitchen * * * What is the Bible? When I was a senior in high school, I made it into an Advanced English Class taught by Mrs. Vista Morris. Mrs. Morris taught us to research, to write and to speak. Oddly, we never left her room, […]

Two Books of the Bible Nobody (really) Likes to Read (Part 2)

“When the Gospels or the Apostle or the Psalms are read, another person joyfully receives them, gladly embraces them….But if the book of Numbers is read to him, and especially those passages we have now in hand, he will judge that there is nothing helpful, nothing as a remedy for his weakness or a benefit […]

Saving Evangelicalism, Part Two

Hi. I’m Jeff, and I’m an evangelical. Hi Jeff. I realize that it is not a fashionable thing to admit these days. It’s about as acceptable as ordering a hamburger at a PETA convention. But I am an evangelical at the time of the collapse of evangelicalism. We can toss more gasoline on the fire […]

iMonk: “Getting Better?”

 From Michael Spencer’s classic post, When I Am Weak * * * Evangelicals love a testimony of how screwed up I USED to be. They aren’t interested in how screwed up I am NOW. But the fact is, that we are screwed up. Then. Now. All the time in between and, it’s a safe bet […]

Two Books of the Bible Nobody (really) Likes to Read (Part 1)

Meet Leviticus and Numbers, infamous killers of countless New Year’s resolutions to read the Bible through in a year. These two books, the third and fourth portions of the Torah, are sections of the Bible that most people, if they were honest, could do without. Oh sure, there are parts of them that we all […]

iMonk: “Choose death to anything but grace”

From Michael Spencer’s classic post, Our Problem with Grace * * * I’ve thought a lot about grace as I’ve gotten older and lived the Christian life longer. I see and hear young, fired up, Pentecostal preacher boys, full of sermons about what will happen if we will pray more, live holy lives, get extreme, […]

Creation, Tabernacle, and New Creation

“At this small, lonely place in the midst of the chaos of the wilderness, a new creation comes into being. In the midst of disorder, there is order. The tabernacle is the world order as God intended writ small in Israel.” – Terence Fretheim, Exodus (Interpretation Commentary) * * * As Walter Brueggemann observes in […]