August 17, 2018

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iMonk: “Shouldn’t these people be picking better stocks?”

I’m tired of weird Christians. I am tired of hearing people I work with say that God is talking to them like He talked to Moses at the burning bush or like He talked to Abraham. I’m weary of people saying God speaks directly to them about mundane matters of reasonable human choice, so that […]

“Losing Our Religion” — A Banal Suggestion

“Its a typical situation in these typical times — Too many choices…” – Dave Matthews “In a world of choice, obligatory religions are not faring well.” – Diana Butler Bass Christianity After Religion * * * Diana Butler Bass once asked an executive of a coffee company how many choices were possible in one of […]

What Am I Missing?

I should have known I was in for a rough morning when the first song of the service was U2’s “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.” By the third song that was completely unsuitable for congregational singing, I was heading out the door for some coffee. But the music leader stopped me in my […]

iMonk: “Show Me Your Glory?”

From Michael Spencer’s classic post, Moses Wannabes * * * As churches have put more and more emphasis on experience in the corporate worship setting, “glory” language became more common. Revivals are the “glory” of God descending on a church. Manifestations of the Spirit are God’s glory in the midst of his people. Intense and […]

Open Mic: Losing Our Religion (2)

Yesterday, we began a few days of discussing the recent stories on NPR’s Morning Edition in the series, “Losing Our Religion.” Our first conversation was about the overall trend of a growing disconnect between younger people and religion in the U.S. More and more of them are identifying themselves as “Nones” — when asked to state […]

iMonk: “More Religious than God Himself”

From Michael Spencer’s classic post, Wretched Urgency II: My Not So Guilty Pleasures * * * C.S. Lewis, speaking as the senior devil in The Screwtape Letters, wrote about God: He’s a hedonist at heart. All those fasts and vigils and stakes and crosses are only a facade. Or only like foam on the sea […]

Open Mic: Losing Our Religion (1)

NPR’s Morning Edition did a series last week called “Losing Our Religion.” I encourage you to click the link and listen to the six pieces. The first is an overview of the phenomenon portrayed in the chart above: the growth of the “nones” — the religiously unaffiliated. This trend has been observed especially among younger people. Two […]

iMonk: “Where Is the Urgency?”

From Michael Spencer’s classic post, Wretched Urgency * * * How about the epistles in the New Testament? In those places where Christians are addressed as Christians, where is the urgency about church growth or personal evangelism? Yes, I know that Paul is urgent about his ministry, but I don’t find his instructions for other Christians […]

The Past, Present, and Future of God’s People

“…one does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of the LORD.” – Deuteronomy 8:3, NRSV “Apart from the liturgy, Deuteronomy is the source of the idea that religious life should be based on a sacred book, and hence of the obligation of all Jews, not only an elite […]

iMonk: “Marriage = Running Wounded”

From Michael Spencer’s classic post, On Running Wounded * * * Ask anyone who is married. We really are running wounded, and sometimes nothing seems more ridiculous than the proposition that we can really bring about more good than harm, or experience more love than suffering in this vulnerable relation called marriage. The reality is […]