August 17, 2018

Archives for November 2012

Our Archived Faith

I often go back through the archives of this site, reading essays written by our founder, Michael Spencer. His words continue to challenge and encourage me as I walk in this evangelical minefield/post-evangelical wilderness. I got to know Michael by reading his older essays. Even as we then were author/agent, and then friends, the way […]

iMonk Classic: Preaching Grace is Risky Business

Martyn Lloyd-Jones once said that if we didn’t get complaints that we’d gone too far and said too much, then we probably haven’t really preached the Gospel of grace. That’s been my experience. Almost every time that I preach a strong sermon on justification by grace through faith, by Christ and apart from the works […]

Spinning The Hits Backward

On Sunday I said I would try to play at least one request, and that is what I got: one request. iMonk reader Steve Scott asked me to talk about what happens when you play Led Zeppelin’s Stairway To Heaven backward. Ok Steve, here’s your long-distance request. First, a bit of background. I spent a […]

What Happens After The Miracle?

Tokah is a longtime iMonk who was diagnosed with a disease that should have–taken her life—and it nearly did. Then God intervened. But what next? What happens after the miracle occurs? I had honestly never thought of this side of the miraculous before.  JD And Jesus stopped and commanded him to be brought to him. […]

Open Mic: Miracles

We are looking at Tim Stafford’s Miracles this week as part of our iMonk book club. I went to a school where the words “Expect A Miracle” was written alongside the basketball court. (And some of the teams they had desperately needed a miracle to win.) In the circles I grew up in as a […]


Tim Stafford is a senior writer for Christianity Today and recently penned and published a book exploring modern-day miracles from a journalist’s point-of-view. He doesn’t claim to be an expert on any one subject, but for the past thirty years he’s written on a wide variety of subjects relating to all things Christian. His says […]

The Coming Week

We continue to do our best while Chaplain Mike takes a much-needed sabbatical this month. We are going to look at the second book in the iMonk book club this week, Tim Stafford’s Miracles. Lisa Dye will lead us through this book and this topic, one that is sure to provoke some very interesting stories from […]

Sunday Morning Meditation: Think On These Things

During the month of November we are starting your Sunday—and your week—off with a quote to help you focus on God’s grace as you head to your worship service. This morning we read from Robert Capon’s Between Noon And Three. The Gospel invites us to believe not that we are safe, provided, but that we […]

Saturday Ramblings 11.10.12

Greetings, fellow iMonks. I’m your Synonymous Rambler, filling in for Jeff Dunn today. We thought Jeff could use the day off, so we sent him out for some chocolate milk. While he’s gone, I will do my best to entertain and enlighten you. And yes, I know I am called the “Synonymous Rambler” when it […]

Darkness Darkness (The Darkness Of Heaven)

I love fall the best. The World Series. Football. Apples. Falling leaves. Crisp air. Then there is the darkness. I hate the darkness. Last week we turned our clocks back, bringing us nighttime a lot sooner. Where I live in the midwest, we are now in complete darkness by 5:30 p.m. For those of us […]