July 21, 2018

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Saturday Ramblings 11.24.12

It’s been a slow news week here at the InternetMonk World Headquarters. Chaplain Mike is still on sabbatical. Our other writers were dishing up tasty treats for Thanksgiving. (By the way, just what is a “giblet” anyway? And why did I get a set of rubber gloves to pull it out of the turkey?) I […]

More Thanks …

Had enough turkey yet? Of course you haven’t. Enjoy. [yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lf3mgmEdfwg’]

Screwtape Gives Thanks

[With profound thanks to my spiritual and literary hero, Clive Staples Lewis.] My Dear Wormwood, It is that time once again when your patient, along with all those living in his country, set aside a day to give thanks. It is a deplorable idea, this “giving thanks,” and one that a team assembled by Our […]

The Grace Of The Feast

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and if I may be honest, it is perhaps my favorite holiday. It is devoid of the busy-ness of Christmas and the debauchery of New Year’s and the noise and sweat and plastic patriotism of July 4. I enjoy the time with family and friends and food without the trappings of gifts […]

Chapter With Your Abbot

I wanted to take a break from my stomach-stretching exercises ahead of Thursday’s feast (pumpkin or pecan pie? The only correct answer is YES.) to update you on a few iMonk items. In a Benedictine monastery, the business meetings are called Chapter. Here at the iMonastery, we call such meetings … Chapter. (Putting the letter […]

Classic iMonk: Magic Books, Grocery Lists And Silent Messiahs: How Rightly Approaching The Bible Shapes The Entire Christian Life

Michael Spencer messed with my mind in many ways, but the most lasting was how he taught me to view Scripture. This essay is one of several he wrote that made me look at the Bible in an entirely different way. I hope you find it challenging and provoking as well. JD A Pentecostal evangelist […]

Open Mic: How Should We View Israel?

As we get ready for the third installment of the iMonk book club (Paul Copan’s Is God A Moral Monster? You have read it, haven’t you?), I wanted to start us off with a question. A question that touches the deadly third rail for many evangelicals. I was taught from the beginning of my Christian […]

Sunday Morning Meditation: Think On These Things

Our thought-starter as we prepare for worship this morning comes from the great United Methodist bishop and preacher, William H. Willimon and his book, Why Jesus? Sometimes people say, “God? Oh can’t say anything definitive about God. God is large, nebulous, and vague.” We wish. By rendering God into an abstract idea, we can be […]

Saturday Ramblings 11.17.12

Thanksgiving is right around the corner (or, to be more accurate, five days away), iMonks, and we have a lot of cooking and cleaning to do to get ready for the big day. Damaris decided she was going to go vegetarian on us and insisted we serve up a “tofurkey,” whatever that is. Adam thinks those “turkey […]

Pentecostals And Miracles

We have been looking at the topic of miracles, and Tim Stafford’s Miracles, this week. Lisa Dye walked us through a look at Stafford’s book on modern miracles, as well as helping with your comments. Before we leave this topic, I thought we would hear from Stafford on the topic of Pentecostals and why they […]