July 19, 2018

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iMonk Book Club

Chaplain Mike is having trouble with his internet connection today. Apparently the hamster that spins the wheel generating ‘lectricity in  his part of the world died, and no replacement hamster was available. Thus, it is up to me to come up with something sage and wonderful. Unfortunately, the hamster that turns my “sage and wonderful” […]

Right Where I Belong

I read Chaplain Mike’s post yesterday afternoon (Get Small) with delight. I had just read that very passage from Tullian Tchividjian’s Glorious Ruin that morning. And it is something the Holy Spirit has been speaking to me for several days. To paraphrase the A Team’s Hannibal Smith, don’t you just love it when God’s plan […]

Pictures Of Fall

My favorite time of year is autumn. I love the colors, the smells, the crispness of the air. Recently my camera and I ventured out to enjoy a fall day in Oklahoma (with one picture from Louisville tucked in). Even if fall is not your favorite time of year, I hope you enjoy.

Get Small

The world tells us in a thousand different ways that the bigger we become, the freer we will be. The richer, the more beautiful, and the more powerful we grow, the more security, liberty, and happiness we will experience. And yet, the gospel tells us just the opposite, that the smaller we become, the freer […]

Interview: Miguel Ruiz (part one)

Note from CM: Miguel Ruiz is one of our most thoughtful commenters here on IM. When Miguel and his wife were on their way east to take a position in a church on Long Island, he stopped here in Indianapolis and we spent some time talking face to face, something I wish I had a […]

Is It Just Me?

“Whistle!” There’s a penalty flag on the field. After a day’s thought, I decided to retract this post. You know, sometimes I just react, and this post was an example. After further review, I realize that my comments were knee-jerk, not considered, and not up to the standards I want maintained here at Internet Monk. […]

Singing in Community

One of the earliest forms of American folk music speaks to the power of people singing together in community. As Steven Sabol says in his article, “Sacred Harp Singing: History & Tradition”  — “At Sacred Harp singings and conventions, participants sing the powerful and harmonious American music from The Sacred Harp, the most enduring of the shape-note […]

Review: Hymns for the Christian Life

Hymns for the Christian Life by Keith and Kristyn Getty * * * Respected modern singer/songwriters and hymn composers Keith and Kristyn Getty have released another fine album of serious contemporary music in their characteristic Celtic style (along with some bluegrass tunes) for the church. It’s called “Hymns for the Christian Life,” and it deals […]

iMonk Classic: How “Traditional” is the Traditional Service?

Classic iMonk Post by Michael Spencer from July, 2007 Note from CM: This piece from Michael Spencer is five years old. During that time, I have been worshiping mostly in a Lutheran church where these observations don’t apply. I’ve been a bit out of the loop on what has been happening on Sunday mornings in […]

Announcing The iMonk Book Club

Put on your reading glasses, my fellow iMonks. We are introducing a book club here at the iMonastery. Chaplain Mike will be taking a very well-earned sabbatical during the month of November as he completes coursework toward his ordination in the Lutheran church. I considered spending the month pondering the question, “When will Cincinnati ever […]